You will need
  • leaflets of mobile operators;
  • - a PC or laptop for browsing operators;
  • calculator for calculations.
Visit the mobile shops and sales operators in the city. Each review promotional material and booklets relating to phones and tariff plans. To choose the right phone before you travel is often not less important than to decide on the tariff plan, each of them has a specific set of functions, many of which, for example, Internet access, good camera, access social networks and email, the journey can be very helpful. Compare the prices in shops and offices operators.
Remember that in any salon of mobile communication and the operator's office you are not the only client, and therefore it is unlikely you will be talking for a very long time, responding in detail to all of your questions about data plans. They may indeed appear in the process of talking a lot as this topic is vast, and the Manager is unlikely to tell you very quickly all the subtleties. Therefore, the pre-reading list and possibilities of tariff plans available to you operators, go home, make yourself comfortable at the computer and open multiple tabs in their sites.
Carefully review all the proposed operators tariff plans, do not forget to click on a link like "more Details about the tariff." This button is for different operators can be called differently, but still understandable. Especially note the plug-tariff options like "All Russia" or "the Entire planet" or something like that- each of the operators offer such services. Pay attention if the package of the Internet traffic throughout the country or only in the home region.
After selecting several plans, more or less suitable for travel, proceed to their comparison and detailed study. Attention — price plans, which include a traffic package, valid throughout Russia, and a package of minutes spent during travel outside your home network. Special offers for trips to Russia, for example, have a Megaphone. "Unlimited" tariff "All inclusive L" implies an impressive package of Internet traffic and a decent package of minutes for calls all over Russia, and all for a very reasonable price. Only you need to keep in mind that travel this package you can only use for calls to your home region. But calls to other numbers will be much cheaper than just roaming. Package SMS/MMS is valid only at the rooms in your home area. When switching to the tariff plan "All inclusive VIP" these restrictions are removed.
If you want to keep your number and carrier, but such tariff plans no, look at the rates connected with options. MTS, for example, offers two great unlimited tariff Smart and Smart+ at the best price with plugin option "just like home". With this option travel you can make calls and use the included package of Internet traffic in the same way as if the subscriber is in home network. Remember that on the option "Internet-Mini", "Internet-Maxi" and "Internet-VIP" this rule does not apply.
Comparing all options and selecting the most suitable, go to the cellular interior, the office of the operator or go to the desired rate by typing a special command, which can be found on the website of the operator.