Independently calculate the best tariff for you or pick it up by the operator of salon or the Internet service "Your best rate" on the website To calculate your rate, provide information about how usually you make use of phone (mobile, Internet) which numbers (addresses of sites) are most often used by you, how long you talk (use the Internet) in an average day.
Select yourself or with the help of the operator unlimited rate, the most suitable for the level of payment and/or volume of traffic per month/day.
If you went directly to an official branch of the MTS or the cellular interior, the operator will provide all the necessary kit, asking you only have a passport and/or your phone number (if you decided to switch to flat rate tariffs). To jump to the unlimited tariffs with other tariffs it is necessary to have a positive balance in your account. For connection of the new accommodation must pay a starting payment in the specified amount.
To go to a flat rate directly from your phone, find your current plan by dialing *111*59#. After – enter the number that corresponds to the unlimited tariff you have chosen. For example, in the transition to the unlimited tariff plan "MTS-Ultra", you need to dial: *111*777#.
To renew your number on one of the unlimited tariffs, visit the website of one of the Internet dealers MTS. For renewal, you must have a positive account balance and to be the direct owner of the number. Fill out the form provided on the website, specify the e-mail address. You will receive an email with an application form for change of tariff plan. See this statement in any office of the company of MTS and connect unlimited tariff.