Mobile tariffs

Great rates for long-distance communication offer operators "the Big three" (MTS, Beeline, MegaFon). First you need to estimate the frequency and duration of calls. Long distance rates from mobile operators can be divided into two large groups: with per-minute billing and no-limit. Per minute typically have the incentive payment - the first few minutes of the road, all others are discount based long encouraged communication). Unlimited long distance rates are usually given the "prestigious" names: "General" (Beeline), "Business without borders" (MTS), "Professional" (MegaFon).


VoIP (Voice IP, voice over Internet telephony) is a convenient way of reducing costs on long distance and international calls. Operators provide favorable conditions for calls from PC to landline and mobile phones.

Usually VoIP services used by enterprise customers, organizing call centers. Buying a router for Internet telephony can not only reduce costs but also to simplify the technical infrastructure of the organization.

Often popular VoIP providers (SipNET, RusVoIP, GoldNet) provides a convenient additional services - call recording, free, incoming, "beautiful" number.


Skype is video calls from Microsoft. Besides the possibility of free communication between users PC to the Internet, Skype and provides a number of quite profitable paid services. Including calls to mobile and landline phones worldwide. You can buy the unlimited paid account, which includes calls to several countries. In Russia there are only calls to landline phones. However, many users of Skype in our country actively use cheap long distance system.

Discounters communication

Discounter - company offering products/services at discounted prices using spending cuts on the quality of the products and/or advertising. Discounters frequently offer reduced prices for effective organizations, strategy, competition with other operators.

Discounter fixed telephony "Telphin offers great rates on international calls to Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other cities of Central Russia.

Popular mobile discounter operator Tele2 is offering its customers competitive rates and unlimited minutes, cheap long distance and international directions. The only factor stopping many users from switching from another operator, Tele2, is a phone number that is known to family, friends and colleagues. Currently, the number can be stored when changing from one operator to another, so that obstacle to cheaper mobile calls no more.