Before you change the tariff plan, check the cash balance on the balance sheet. The transition is not free, your account will be charged 75 rubles. If you are not a subscriber, MTS OJSC, the amount of the purchase rate will be 130 rubles.
Connect tariff plan Red Energy with the help of SMS-messages. For this, a network of MTS, send SMS with the numbers 727 on short number 111. On your phone for a few seconds you will get service message about the result of the operation.
Go to the tariff Red Energy with the introduction of a special team. To do this in MTS network, dial the following combination of characters: *111*727#.
To connect you can use the contact center of OJSC "MTS", which the network dial short number 0890. If you are not able to use a mobile phone, dial the number 800 250 0890 from any landline.
If you are an individual, go to the tariff Red Energy with the help of serviced centres. OJSC "MTS", a well - known and a large cellular company, it has subsidiaries and representative offices in many cities of Russia and Abroad. Also you can go to any dealer center of OJSC "MTS". If you currently have a passport or other document proving the identity.
If you are a legal entity, to change the tariff can send a Fax by calling 89140140098. Or throw off the e-mail of the company