Types of tariffs for mobile Internet

At the moment, all these rates can be divided into three types: MBS, conditionally unlimited and unlimited.
The first type is gradually disappearing because it becomes unprofitable to pay for every megabyte at a constant increase downloadable information. However, if very few people use mobile Internet, then this rate can be very attractive.

The conditional unlimited tariffs are now the most common among mobile Internet users. Usually given paid for the number of gigabytes per month, according to the tariff plan. Once the specified limit is reached, the mobile Internet speed drops dramatically. Payment for the services provided are made once a month, for a monthly subscription fee on the same date when the connection was made fare.

Unlimited mobile Internet is available only to the wealthiest users. It is very expensive and is often a part of unlimited tariffs for mobile communications in General. On the other hand, the quality of mobile networks in Russia still lags behind European or American counterparts, so speed and unlimited and conditionally unlimited tariff will be the same. All this leads to the fact that from the point of view of savings of conditionally unlimited tariffs are the most profitable.

The average cost of mobile Internet services

Typically, the cost of conditionally unlimited tariff ranges from 300 to 500 rubles per month. This is the average price, which does not depend on the network operator. For the money the user gets rate limit speed to 4 or 8 GB. The monthly fee may be charged every day by equal amounts and once every 30 days at the same time. The cost of a completely unlimited tariff will amount to several thousand rubles per month.

Many operators of cellular communication, in order to attract new customers, offer additional options to the mobile Internet, for example, the same billing throughout the country, best prices for Internet traffic in roaming payment for the time spent in the network without reference to the speed and thresholds, etc. Also mobile operators offer to purchase smartphones under their own brands at very competitive price with a grace period of use of the mobile Internet.