Tariff MTS Smart

The mobile operator MTS has a special rate, designed for users of smartphones "Smart". Its main advantage is the low price of Internet services. In addition, now the cost of Internet is not paid every day, and monthly. That is, the user must pay a monthly subscription fee, and then he will pay a certain amount of mobile data traffic for a month. All unused megabytes shall expire and the next month is calculated new "portion" of Internet traffic.

Another news – city room has become cheaper, now the additional payment will cost 500 rubles instead of 980 rubles at the same rates. Also in this tariff charged 400 minutes for calls to all operators of the home zone.

The choice of tariff MTS Smart

There are several tariff options Smart – Smart mini, Smart and Smart+. They differ from each other only in the number of provided minutes, Internet traffic, etc.

Monthly fee of the tariff Smart will cost 400 rubles. It includes 1.5 GB of mobile traffic with no speed restrictions, 400 minutes for calls to all operators, unlimited calls to MTS numbers and sending SMS at 50 cents per message.

In the case where mobile Internet traffic has been exhausted, the speed is reduced to 16 KB/s. But with special "turbo button" to buy another 500 MB additional traffic for 100 RUR or 2 GB of Internet traffic for 200 rubles (combination to purchase the additional traffic can be found on the website).

If was over the limit on calls, then local calls will cost 2 rubles/min, and calls to MTS Russia – 5 roubles/min the Cost of long distance calls to Russia remains at 14 $ /min and SMS to other cities – 3.80 RUB.

To go on this tariff, you need to dial the mobile phone combination *111*1024# and press the call button. Change of tariff is free, but the subscriber needs to recharge for 450 rubles.

Rate Smart mini provides users with 1 GB of mobile Internet for a monthly fee of 200 RUB./month. After using this limit using the "turbo button" to buy additional traffic. Navigate to this tariff plan should dial *111*1023#.

Subscribers of the tariff Smart+ get 3 GB mobile Internet and 1,000 minutes for outgoing calls. In addition, if the user is in home area, he also provided 1000 outgoing SMS to all the numbers in your home area. To transition to this rate need to dial *111*1025#.