MTS company offers its customers several options with great rates, choose from which is most convenient to suit their own needs in the amount of minutes of calls, messages, the gigabytes of information. For a simple array you can divide the most competitive tariffs of the operator into three main categories: simple, unlimited, and special.

Simple tariffs MTS

Simple on MTS for those subscribers who use a mobile phone relatively infrequently. A primary method of use of the services of the operator is a conventional telephone conversation, and most of the contacts subscribers of the same operator from their region (family, friends, colleagues). The optimum rate for these customers is "Super MTS", which does not involve payment for outgoing calls within your region subscribers of the same operator within 100 minutes of calls daily, as well as in the entire country during the same time. No subscription fee, and for each SMS text message and a megabyte of traffic is charged separately. Another example of a tariff in this category is Red Energy, in which you will have to pay for each call or a message on the phone of any operator.

Unlimited tariffs MTS

Unlimited tariffs MTS grouped under this category only conditionally because, in fact, unlimited communication services, they provide only when you are calling subscribers of the same operator in the region. For other services given the significant number of free minutes that you can use within a month. In addition, these rates suggest the need for a monthly subscription fee, so not suitable for everyone. Examples of packages in this category are tariffs Smart+, Ultra.

Special rates MTS

Special rates MTS is designed for customers who are interested in certain additional features that you can use on favorable terms. This standard services (e.g., calls in the region) for such tariffs are not the cheapest. So, customers interested in frequent calls abroad, choose special rate "Your country", which allows you to call in Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Moldova, Tajikistan or Uzbekistan on favorable terms. Other examples of special packages are tariffs "lighthouse" or "Smart house", each of which also has its own advantages.