If you have more than three or four years use some sort of tariff of the operator, it can serve as a reason to change it, even if you are quite satisfied. The reason is quite simple: during this time, certainly, there are new faresthat may be more profitable for you.
Please contact signature salon-shop of MTS, which is available in even a small city. The operator will familiarize you with all the news and inquire the specifics of your mobile communication: how much, and on phones which mobile operators you are calling, what percentage of your conversations dealing within the region and how often do you call in other Russian regions or abroad. Based on this, it will offer you the best rate and asking your phone, connect it to the selected tariff by sending an SMS with the code of this tariff service maintenance company MTS.
If you have access to the Internet, then select and connect the tariffs of MTS on the website of the company itself. To do this, visit <url> and select the region where was your cell phone number because each region has its own range of tariffs. Then in the main pane, select the Tariffs and discounts for calls".
On the right you will see a window "Your best rate", which will be able to learn about the most suitable tariff in accordance with his manner and style of communication. If you use a different rate, which costs you more, it makes sense to change it.
Read the tariff you have picked up the system, reading and saving opportunities, which will also be described on the website. If all the conditions suit you, then click on the red button to switch to this tariff," which is located under the description.
After this the system will automatically redirect you to the Internet, where you log in on your mobile phone, putting the password. The password can be changed via SMS messages sent to short code *111*25#. Go to "Rates, services and discounts" and change the tariff, following system prompts.