Under this tariff, subscribers can make beneficial telephone calls, it also provides the opportunity of free communication with the customers of MTS located in the home region and in Russia, however, it is necessary to observe certain conditions.

Initially, this tariff was called the "Super zero" from MTS, and then was renamed to "Super MTS".

To switch to this tariff plan all you need to do the following:

1. Dial *888# and press the call key. Keep in mind that in case of transfer from your account will be debited the cost of connection, which at the moment is 150 rubles.

2. Also, in addition to USSD commands you can connect this tariff via personal Cabinet. To do this, go to the official website of company, login into your account and select the desired tariff plan. You can also further explore the possibilities of this tariff.

3. The following connection method is "Super MTS" is a call on number 0890, in which you are responsible operators and will help to make the desired action.

4. In case of difficulties and problems arise you can always contact the office of MTS. Don't forget to bring your identity document.

5. In that case, if you are not a subscriber of MTS and intend to switch to this tariff, you need to visit the salon operator, fill out an application. Set tariffs and SIM card will cost 150 rubles.

Thus, the above methods you can connect the tariff "Super MTS" and enjoy the opportunities of economical communication.