To choose a suitable tariff plan is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Almost constantly updated list of services, options and bonus programs will be put into confusion anyone. In order to properly choose the most convenient tariff plan, you must determine the order in which the services offered by the mobile operator MTS you feel the constant need, and what you use occasionally or never. Also determine in advance the number of so-called "favorite numbers" subscribers, outgoing calls to cell phones which will be charged by the operator on preferential terms. This service will allow you to communicate more with family and friends for less money.
The easiest way to determine the tariff plan is to use a special program tarifer. This program automatically selects the rate that is closest to the conditions you set and the list of regularly used options. It can be found in the free (and most importantly - free!) access to the Internet.
It is useful to know which mobile operators & tariffs giving preference to your potential interlocutors. Because of this "poll" will you choose rate, saving you money. If most of the friends are subscribers of MTS, it makes sense to pick up a fare, the main advantage of which will be cheaper calls within the network.
You do not think of its existence without constant Internet access? It makes sense to choose a tariff MTS, guaranteeing a monthly fee for unlimited access to the Internet. The monthly fee depends on the speed and type of Internet services.
Define the billing - you will approach a per-minute or per-second? Fans of long conversations fit the minute, and those talks rarely, briefly and only in the case the extra penny will help to save the second payment of the conversations.