"Everywhere as houses" from MTS: conditions options

While the subscriber is in a different region of the country or outside service will keep home prices are not only calls, but sms and Internet. Billing will remain the same, what was in the native client region. However, you should consider the fact that the option will only work where there is the tower of MTS. While such is not in every part of the world. That's why before subscribing to the service "Everywhere at home", verify the feasibility of his intentions.

Option allows:

  • do not pay for incoming calls;
  • to call any number of his and other region the same price.
  • free send sms to the whole of Russia.

Option allows you to send up to 100 free messages per day. Billing 101, the message will be at the basic rate. The number of remaining posts you can find out by dialing *101*1# and call button.

Currently the subscribers of the Central part of Russia, except Moscow and the region, for the minute of connection in any room will be charged at the rate of 3 rubles. "Everywhere like at home" option is incompatible with the archival services of the "Favorite region", "Neighboring regions", "Favorite region". In addition, another archival option "one country" has priority over this service.

How much is the fare "Everywhere at home"

Option will entail additional expenses. Thus, in connection with the account will be charged 30 rubles. Option is free. But the subscriber will have to pay for the service – from 3 to 7 rubles, depending on the "home" region. Fee is charged every day, but not immediately. In any case, the relationship is long distance will be cheaper than usual.

How to activate roaming "Everywhere at home"

First, make sure that the option you are no longer connected. To do this, use the "Personal area" or send message with any text to the room 8111. You can also request information by dialing *152#, and then follow the simple instructions. If in response you received a notification that the service is not connected, proceed with its connection. This can be done in different ways.

Dial digital combination *111*3333# and then press call button. You can also send sms with the code 3333 to 111. If you have any difficulty option can be activated in the Personal account of MTS subscriber, if you have it.

How to disable the "Everywhere at home"

If you don't need any more options send from your phone a message with a combination 33330 to 111 or dial *111*3333# by pressing the call button. To disable the "Everywhere at home" can be in "Personal Cabinet".

If you participate in the program "MTS Bonus", you can add the service "Everywhere as Dombey" not for money, but paying bonus points. In this case, this option is free of charge for a period of 30 days.

What tariffs do not work the option "Everywhere at home"

This service will not be able to use MTS with rates "1-2-3", "400 600", "8-800", "Staff X5", "1000 1300", "auto Attendant", Smile+, "Business without borders", a Smart Nonstop and Smart top. From June 2015, "at home Everywhere" cannot be added to the tariff Smart. The option is automatically disabled when switching to this tariff.