You will need
  • sterile container for collecting feces
If you have any bowel problems, be sure to go to the doctor, tell us about your problem and ask them to prescribe you a stool sample for enteric group.
Find out and record exactly where and what time you need to bring in a stool sample. Ask your doctor what foods you should not eat on the eve of the collection analysis.
Go to the drugstore and buy a special container to collect feces. This is a normal plastic jar with airtight screw-on lid with convenient spoon to collect feces. The container sterile, so open it unnecessarily is not necessary.
If you are unable to find a container to collect feces in pharmacies (it happens, but very rarely, or you have not had time for this), take any glass container with a lid. You can use a jar of mayonnaise or other product. Thoroughly wash and boil utensils. To do this, put on the bottom of the pan a cloth napkin, it is a jar, cover with water. Bring the water to a boil, wait 5 minutes. Then remove the jar, place it on a clean towel and wait until dry.
On the appointed day, collect fresh feces and put in a container. Enough of volume equal to a couple teaspoons. Do not perform hygienic procedures before collection, otherwise, soap and other products can get into the material. Do not store the tests for a long time – the faster you will bring them to the lab, the better. Before leaving the house put a container in the fridge.
Giving samples to the lab, attach to the jar the directions to avoid confusion. Ask where and when you can pick up the results.