You will need
  • - consultation with a gastroenterologist;
  • - a full examination.
If you have at least one of these symptoms, consult your doctor gastroenterologist. You will be given an esophagogastroscopy, ultrasound or fibroezofagogastroduodenoscopy. Also the doctor will prescribe the direction for blood tests to check for antibodies to Helicobacter pylori, roundworm, opistorchis. Definitely examined the blood for tumor markers and the coprogram. In addition to blood tests hand over a feces on eggs of protozoa and helminths. Cal you will pass within 3-5 days daily.
Prepare for the examination. As free the gastrointestinal tract from food, by eating a healthy diet. If you have an enema or laxatives preparations, follow the doctor's recommendations. 14 hours before the test, refrain from eating for 6 hours – from the water.
When conducting esophagogastroscopy you enter the tube with the monitor. The survey is 20 minutes. During the procedure, the doctor looks at the entire gastric mucosa and, if necessary, conducting other manipulations, for example, takes tissue for a biopsy. When numerous lesions for examination can take up to 50-60 minutes. This is a very effective method to detect lesions of the stomach, but does not allow to examine the bowel.
Inspect the entire abdominal cavity is possible by the method of ultrasonic diagnostics. If you have an ultrasound, eliminate the presence of gases in the gastrointestinal tract. To do this within 10 days before the examination follow the diet, eliminate from the diet of bread, beans, milk, cabbage, carbonated water, alcoholic beverages. Eat small portions of porridge, cooked in water. Also you can recommend to take espumizan, festal, Mezim or other drugs that improve digestion and eliminate flatulence.
If your doctor feels that it is necessary to appoint additional examination, do not refuse the diagnosis. For example, you can assign the examination of the liver and gall bladder, as often problems with the gastrointestinal tract associated with impaired function of these organs.