You will need
  • - Clean oilcloth diaper;
  • - Sterile container or test tube for collecting faeces;
  • - A gas outlet tube;
  • - Mineral oil;
  • Skill massage the tummy of the baby.
How to collect a fecal analysis of intestinal microbiota of an infant?
The collection of material for analysis, in this case the feces, produced in the first half of the day.
If the baby defecates daily, at the same time, remove his diaper and place a clean draw sheet. Wait until will be emptied of the bowel.
To help the child, you can give him a belly massage. Put your palm on the navel area, and with light pressure, in circular motion in a clockwise direction, massage the tummy. Your hand should be dry and warm, the baby has not experienced any discomfort from the massage. Periodically press down the legs, with bent knees to the stomach. Stimulation to defecate and is placing the baby on his stomach.
If the baby for some reason there is no independent chair or he suffers from constipation, it to cal by the stimulation of the anus. Mom can use for this purpose the vapor tube. For this procedure, spread the oilcloth, she put the baby on his back or right side, bend your legs at the knees. The tip of the tube is smeared with vaseline oil and inserted into the anus of a child 0.5-1 cm In 2-3 minutes there is a bowel movement intestine. If not, do the baby massage and tummy exercises as described above. After 15-20 minutes, repeat stimulation of the vapor tube.
Collect feces with a plastic spoon in a sterile container. The amount of collected feces should be approximately 5-10 grams (1-2 teaspoons). When collecting material for analysis, it is important to keep the sterility, all manipulations to be made after a thorough hand washing.
Sign on the container the name and age of child. You also need to specify the collection time of the feces.
Be delivered to the laboratory the container with the cal must be within 3-4 hours after its intake.

For a short time, the container should be placed in the refrigerator.