This process in girls starts from 8 and ends at about 18 years. During this time of transformation of a teenager into a woman and begins the formation of the mammary glands, which finally ends only after breastfeeding. Every body is different, so do not be afraid, if someone is the rapid growth of the Breasts, and someone does stop. In addition, often this increase is disproportionate – and hence arises the problem of breast asymmetry. Any physician can confirm that this is the norm for this age, and to sound the alarm on this issue is not worth it. But to reassure you to see a specialist – he will tell you more about the development of the female body and, if necessary, will prescribe medication.

Pregnancy and lactation

Lactation, i.e., the period of elaboration of mammary glands of breast milk, is also the reason that one breast may be smaller than the other. But again – this is not the reason for the experience, and quite natural process. If a woman is breastfeeding, she can solve this problem by applying it to a smaller chest. According to experts, the more a child drinks milk from the breast, the more milk it produces. Can also help the procedure of pumping milk, but it is worth repeating that every body is different, and in order to better understand this problem, you should consult a doctor, who will advise and give specific instructions.

What else could be the reason

Start to beat anxiety is when a woman has long gone out of adolescence and not breastfeeding, but breast asymmetry in her present. Here is the reason, of course, can be a common hormonal imbalance due to constant stress, fatigue etc., then you should consult a doctor-endocrinologist. After appropriate tests, he will be able to identify what exactly is the problem and prescribe a course of treatment. But also can be cause and serious tumors. Then a visit to the doctor should not be delayed. With these symptoms turn to a specialist it is for mammaries, namely, the mammologist that the examination will reveal the causes and, if necessary, prescribe a course of treatment.

If no serious health problems were not identified, it is not necessary to dwell on this, because usually the difference is so small that no one notices.