To determine the size of the bust on the eyes is not so difficult. In fact, with this, at first glance, an impossible task can handle almost everyone. Imagine the Breasts of his beloved woman and decide what fruit reminds you of her form.
If the shape of the bust your darling is associated with such exotic fruits as kiwi, so the size of it, most likely touching zero. A great gift for girls with zero breast size is bra with closed foam cups. It visually enhances the shape of bust and will give its owner confidence.
A free fit in the palm of your hand chest, resembling a small Apple, you can visually enlarge with the help of the bra, the construction of which includes cups with foam inserts. The bust size that you associate with the shape of the Apple first.
Bust full the second size can be compared to the size of two oranges. If you choose bra for girls is with the second breast size, give preference to models with thick cups without foam inserts, are able to maintain a bust of your second half, not allowing it to SAG and lose shape.
If the breast your girl's by its size and shape reminds you of two strong grapefruit, its size third. Female bust of the third dimension is considered close to ideal. To make it even more appetizing and appealing capable of the correct bra "Push-up".
The girl value chest which is associated with two coconuts, is a happy owner of a fourth size. The choice of bra for such a large "fruit" take more than responsibly. It must be fitted with elastic panels, able to securely lock the chest. Give preference to models in which the cups sewn tight elastic arc.
Bust of the fifth size shape resembles two ripe melons. Bra for such "wealth" needs to be supertrack, its design must not only contain a rigid frame, but wide and firm shoulder straps.
It is very important that your chosen bra perfect for your favorite. The method of determining the bust size by comparing it with the value of a fruit is very original. But still, try to find out the exact parameters of the breast of your beloved, for example, note the values specified on the label of her favourite bra, ask about the breast size your favorite her best friend or have the courage to ask her.