As the girls try to enlarge breast?

Some holders of the bust is very small in size doing everything possible and impossible to Breasts increased at least half a centimeter. They use a lot of raw cabbage, crusts of bread, do shiatsu massage, smear the Breasts with iodine, sweating at the gym, doing special exercises, the use of dubious means offered by some manufacturers.
All of these attempts at non-surgical breast enhancement lead to the minimum results and maximum side effects.

Eating large amounts of raw cabbage can lead to indigestion. Bread crust is consumed in large quantities, do not contribute to the increase of the Breasts, and of the "fifth point". Intensive exercises help strengthen the muscles around your Breasts and under them, but on the bust itself have no effect, except that the breast becomes more elastic and taut. Iodine grid – it's all invented by someone delusions, which can lead to severe disorders in the endocrine system.

What to do for breast enlargement?

First we need to understand why some women's Breasts lush and large, and others are almost invisible.

Breasts girls starting to grow and take shape about ten years. By the age of seventeen mammary glands reach the penultimate stage of its development, then the production of female hormone estrogen in the ovary at the time shall be suspended until the beginning of the pregnancy. During pregnancy and after childbirth breast size reaches its maximum.
Of course, if we are talking about natural processes, and not to increase the bust by eating large amounts of food.

After birth, breast remains full for as long as breastfeeding occurs. After this happens one of two options of the script. In the first case the woman remains a happy owner of a large breast and the second breast is deflated, completely or partially loses its shape and becomes even less than before the birth. If a woman is healthy, regularly visited a gynecologist and obstetrician, cared for themselves, the shape and size will recover completely.

Every woman the shape of a breast, regardless of age, predetermined even before she was born. And on the size and the bust size is influenced by two main factors – genetic and hormonal. In the first case, the girl should not rely on the growth of curvy women, if most women from the kind of Breasts had small sizes. The second negative impact can have a failure in the hormonal background. On the body's production of female hormones is significantly affected by the environment, quality of food, physical and emotional state, all sorts of injury. In good conditions the woman has a breast has a nice shape and volume. Poor nutrition, lack of in the body sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins, high stress, poor living conditions – all this has a negative impact on the size and shape of the breast.