To breast increased by one or two sizes without surgery, you need to reconsider your diet. If you are over 25, then various "grandma's methods" you will not do. For example, you should not pitch the yeast, put pepper patches on the chest and draw iodine mesh. It is better to start to eat more peas, lentils, beans, soybeans and other crops.
A great way to enlarge Breasts was invented by the Americans. They recommend to eat at least one, but great pizza and drink beer. Two huge cons of this method are that, firstly, greatly hurt your health, and secondly, to grow will not only breast, but all the other parts of the body. So if you dare to use such a recommendation to increase your bust, be sure to join a gym. This will help to control the waist and hips.
Can try to enlarge breastby eating as many apples type semerinka or other such crops. Well as increased volume was noticed and with regular consumption of fresh crusty bread rump.
Alternatively, you can use this advice. Take the walnuts and cover them with liquid honey. Allow to steep for weeks, and then take three pieces a day.
Start taking vitamins. Positively on the chest is influenced by A, C and E. Can use ready-made complexes, and can simply include in your menu more plant foods rich in these vitamins. This spinach, and apricots, and citrus.
Particular positive impact on both the size and the shape of the breast have massage and special creams. Of cosmetic products, choose only those that are designed for the care of the bust. These creams have a tightening effect on the muscles of the chest, improve collagen production and increase volume.
As for the massage, the principle of action it is quite simple. Vigorous kneading helps improve circulation, which in turn stimulates the breast enlargement.
In some cases, use of hormonal drugs. However, this method is fraught with health problems in the future. Therefore, before treatment with such drugs, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
Not less popular for these purposes is considered a cold shower. Unlike hot, it causes the muscles to be in good shape, pulls them in and reinforces the walls of blood vessels. If taking a cold shower for you is akin to torture, you can use ordinary ice. Enamoraste either plain water or decoction of herbs, salt solutions, etc. and daily wipe clockwise chest. One ice cube is one chest.
Another way is the use of masks and compresses. It is best to perform such procedures in the complex. First, a contrast wrap. To do this, put on the chest steamed hot towel. For just a moment. Then cold at the same time. This will help to make the breast skin tone and prepare it for the impact of the mask. To achieve the effect, do the compresses every morning and evening for 3-4 weeks.
After the compress, make a mask. You can buy ready, and you can restore it yourself. For this you need a normal cosmetic clay. You can buy in any pharmacy. Dilute it according to the instructions and apply to the breastwithout touching the nipple area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and brush the Breasts with a nourishing cream.