Any surgery to increase the breast size, regardless of what implants are used is fraught with risk. To predict how to react to the woman's body on the intervention, almost impossible. And, despite all the advantages of correction of the bust, cons mammoplasty more.
Plastic surgery to increase Breasts, positively affect the self-esteem of the patient. The woman looks more impressive, she does not hesitate to wear tight clothes, clothes with more cleavage. After mammoplasty each of the fair sex notes the growing interest on the part of men.
Despite the fact that after surgery to increase the bust of a woman saying goodbye to many complexes that it puts their health in danger. Because implants are a foreign body, whose influence on the human body are still not studied. Inside them can be a saline solution, hydrogel filler or silicone gel. The position of the implants over time will change, so after surgery you need correction.
Typically, the breast correction is carried out in 5-10 years after the intervention. If you do not exercise a special program to do not support the form of the chest exercises, there may be asymmetry of the breast. The implant can easily change the place! Also increases and the load on the spine, so that the woman can get scoliosis.
Surgery for breast augmentation have a certain risk of infection. Also a reason not to change the bust size by surgery for women becomes a risk of contracture around mammary glands, congestion of lymph or blood. With capsular contracture implants often have to remove and replace them with others, because the body responds to the prosthesis as a foreign virus. As a result, the patient feels pain, heaviness.
After breast augmentation women often notice a decrease in sensitivity of breast tissue. In other words, the breast implants affect the quality of sex life.
Also breast plastic surgery can impair the ability to breastfeed. If you believe the statistics, the ability to lactation remains only 5% of women undergoing breast surgery. Therefore, such surgery is recommended only for parous patients. Finally, augmentation of bust is irreversible. And if the implants can be easily removed to restore the elasticity of the stretched breast tissue will not succeed.