Advice 1: How to determine the shape of the breast

The breast is a sexual part of a woman's body. Every it has its own seductive path. But scientists still combined feminine charms in 16 basic types. They have two types of names: scientific and journalistic. Scientific little used in everyday life. The second type of names closer to understanding ordinary people, as the basis of the names of fruits and vegetables, which is similar breast shape. Below is a look at the type of the breast based on scientific classification.
How to determine the shape of the breast
Busts small size

1) Snow hill - the breast with pale skin, has a large light areola. Nipple strongly pointed. By itself, such a bust is not very elastic, but shape holds long enough.
2) Chloe - bust characteristic of young girls. This chest is very elastic, long droops. The areola is small, but the outlines are clear, the nipple is also small in size.
Busts size medium

1) African Savannah to the touch this chest resembles a real Atlas. Rounded supple and seductive. The shape is somewhat stretched in width. Nipples small areola small and clearly outlined.
2) Sappho - a form of age already a bit sluggish, but silky skin. The areola and nipples large and dark.
3) Buds - a little outstretched Breasts. Areola small, pointed nipples. The skin is pale pink, with slightly prominent veins reddish color.
4) CIRCE - chest very beautiful shape. Silky skin, big areolas and nipples are clearly expressed. A form many consider perfect. It is elastic and run it owner exciting rises.
Busts large size

1) Lady fingers - chest, reminiscent of the grapes of the same kind. Light skin, areola, on the contrary, dark.
2) Chestnut - bust, slightly flattened. Has light large areola and nipples are slightly expressed. Soft Breasts, the skin velvety.
3) Dulko - Breasts are of specific form. Each is a little narrowed at the base, the nipple also being expanded. Thus, the chest resembles two tomato varieties "Dulko". The areola are large enough such a bust, nipples almost not noticeable.
4) the eyes of a Turk - each breast is pulled forward and as it goes nipple to the side. That is, the chest just "look" in opposite directions.
5) Water surface - the bust is a little lost shape. The delicate skin of the Breasts, areola light, mild. Figure these women are usually large.
6) Peach - breast large, heavy, reminiscent of this fruit. The skin is tender with a slight fuzz. Areola pronounced, have pink color.
7) Alma mater is a pretty major bust. The skin is very pale, the nipples are in constant tension.
8) Renaissance - the breast is soft, but heavy. Such were the Rubenesque beauties. The skin is transparent, it scattered a lot of small moles. Nipples are quite large and have a clear dark areola small size.
9) Ripe pear - the bust a few out of shape. The skin is smooth dark. Breast soft to the touch. Areola large dark, nipples clear, slightly tense.
10) the globe - Breasts rounded shape. Nipples large, pronounced with dark areolas.
The classification shows that a shape of the bust similar to each other in some parameters. But among the 16 types is still possible to find one that describes your.

Advice 2: How to determine your breast shape

The female breast is something that makes men go crazy. It catches the eye, fires the imagination and desire. Men often come up with the most bizarre names for our Breasts. Meanwhile, there are several forms of breast.
the shape of female Breasts
To determine the shape of their Breasts can own. To do this, undress, stand in front of a mirror and inspect their Breasts. There are many breast forms, but it is possible to allocate three basic ones: Apple shape, pear shape and shape of the shield. The first form is characterized by a rounded, pear-shaped bust exciting sticks out, and his chest in the shape of a shield pinned to the body. Pregnancy and childbirth have a big impact on breast shape.
"CIRCE" is the chest is moderately elastic, slightly larger than the average size. The nipples are clearly marked, surrounded by a dark and large areolas. The owner of this chest strong person, able to suppress the man.
Globus - large Breasts, clearly defined shape of the nipple, areola dark in the centre but light at the edges. It is believed that ladies with this form of breast purposeful, jealous and sometimes aggressive.
"Ripe pear" — large Breasts, soft, slightly saggy. Around the nipples large round areolas. A girl with such Breasts has good intuition and often succeeds in his career.
"Renaissance" is a big, soft and heavy Breasts. The skin is translucent, and the areola are small and dark. The owner of such talented and romantic.
"Chestnut" is a large Breasts. Soft with light nipples, slightly flattened shape. The lady with a chest vigorous and resolute.
"Water surface" — the Breasts are large and soft, the nipples surrounded by light areolas, Breasts clearly visible veins. Girl with a breast shape, kind and helpful.
"Alma mater" is another form of breast large size. Externally it looks like a breast feeding mother. Nipples tense and clear. The woman with this form of breast caring wife and mother.
"Peach" — large Breasts, firm, heavy. Nipples surrounded by pink areolas. Girls with Breasts shaped like that unpredictable sex.
"The eyes of a Turk" is a large, elongated Breasts with nipples pointing in different directions. These forms say that the girl is tricky, demanding and ambitious.
"Lady fingers" — chest reminiscent of the grape: large, moderately elastic, areola dark. The winner of this unpredictable breast sex, calm and non-confrontational in relationships.
"Dulko" — this interesting name is of the chest, narrowed at the base, extending to the nipple. Areola of the breast are large and reddish-brown. These women are hospitable, economic, gentle and calm.
"Buds" is the average breast size, narrow, elongated. Slightly pointed nipples with small areola. Girl with a chest offers tranquility and femininity.
"African Savannah" is a dark, springy Tits of medium size, with a distinct areola. If the girl such Boobs, she is hot-tempered, emotional and energetic.
"Sappho" — the chest is of medium size, soft and even a bit "sluggish". Girls with this form of breast melancholy, often talented.
"Snow mound" is a chest of small size, with pointy nipples and big light areolas. A chest have a sophisticated girls who love to fantasize and dream.
"Chloe"is a small, tight Breasts. Women with such Breasts often legkomyslennyj, insecure and doubtful.
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