You will need
  • substitute cat milk;
  • - nipples;
  • - baby food;
  • - cow's milk;
  • - the egg;
  • - children's canned meat;
  • - boiled chicken.
Observe the behavior of cats. If she gives a weak baby as much attention as the rest of the cats licking him, not repels from itself – it is quite possible to leave the nest. But if the mother decided that one of the kids is not viable, she can completely ignore it and even show aggression. In this case, the kitten should be isolated.
как определить возраст котёнка
Place it in heat – for example, in a box where laid the hot water bottle with soft, clean cloth. Feed the baby will often newborns need to eat every two hours, the older kids eat a little less.
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The easiest way to feed a kitten ready concentrate cat's milk. Buy at the pet store powder that should be diluted with warm boiled water in accordance with the instructions on the package. Don't forget to buy a nipple from which you will feed the baby.
котёнку месяц как выходить
At feeding time do not turn the animal on his back – he can choke. The baby is in a natural position, lying on his stomach and having a stop for the front legs. Lay on his knees, folded the cloth, put the kitten and keep a feeding bottle parallel to the floor.
как выкормить новорожденного котенка из пипетки
If you were unable to buy ready-made concentrate and nipples, go around the materials at hand. Mix warmed cow's milk with egg white in the ratio of 4 to 1. You can use the mixture for infants. Dissolve them, taking in two times more water than recommended in the instructions. Instead of nipples use a makeshift structure of plastic casing of a ballpoint pen, which put the rubber part of the dropper with a pre-pierced hole. For normal digestion the kitten needs to suck – and then use a feeding syringe is not necessary.
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To test how well fed kitty, you can use weights. Every week he needs to add about 100 grams. The well-fed animal is not beeping, not trying to suck your fingers or the corner of a diaper. After feeding he needs to sleep peacefully.
Three weeks after birth the baby required more nourishing food. Start to feed him finely chopped, egg, meat baby food or boiled and crank through a meat grinder chicken. Follow the chair – in the normal digestion it happens twice a day. If the kitten is observed diarrhea, at the time of stop feeding and dilute the formula milk in a low concentration.
Kittens who receive artificial feeding, can experience problems with defecation, especially if the mother is not licking them. Help the kid – wet the diaper area with warm water and gently massage the abdomen and the back of the kitten, stimulating the digestion and chair.