Advice 1: Until what grows Breasts

Puberty is a rather complex and problematic period in the life of not only girls, but also her parents, because it is accompanied by both physiological and psychological changes. Breast growth is one of the first signs of the onset of puberty. It starts usually at the age of 9-10 years, thus, many girls would be interested to know how the process will continue.
Until what grows Breasts
Intimate questions about how old the woman starts menopause, to how many years the man grows penis (or, as it is called - penis) when stops the growth of the mammary glands, are very concerned about the youth. However, to ask the parents, they often hesitate.

Breast growth lasts until the birth of their first child

Scientists have proved that the size and shape of a woman's Breasts continue to change throughout a woman's life, although in a more Mature age, it is almost never felt. In General, breast growth ends with the end of adolescence, that is, for most girls this occurs in 17-18 years. Reference here can serve as a period – usually a year or two after the complete normalization cycle, the breast ceases to grow. Among physicians there is another opinion. Some of them believe the breast growth stops after the completion of puberty, and after the first birth. While the woman will feed her baby breast milk, her Breasts will be slightly increased in size.
Of course, it is obvious that after birth, the Breasts enlarge, but still there is a dilemma – whether to consider such a change in growth or just a temporary deformation.

Growth factors of the breast

On the dynamics of growth and size of Breasts can be affected by many other factors. First, one such factor is genetics. If you are interested in, how many years until this will grow your bust, you can just ask your mom, grandma or another close relative about their similar experience. By the way, breast size for all women in the maternal line does not coincide very rarely. An important role in the process of breast growth and hormones play a if girls dominated the female type, her breast will grow faster and will be quite large.
If estrogens (namely the so-called female hormones) in the body are insufficient, the mammary glands may develop untimely and unevenly.

Among the secondary factors that affect the process of breast growth in girls can be identified such as national identity, health status, quality food, geographical place of residence. For example, girls who are born and live in the South or East, are developing slightly faster than their Northern and Western peers. The presence of a sufficient amount of proteins, fats and vitamins in the diet also indirectly affect the growth of mammary glands.

Advice 2 : Up to what age can grow Breasts?

Breasts can grow until 21 of age. A lot depends on the condition of a hormonal background of a woman, her weight, nationality and place of residence. Good quality food is the key to beautiful, lush Breasts.
girl with beautiful Breasts
This question bothers many girls and women, it's no wonder the last surgery for breast augmentation have become so popular. Many women not waiting, when the Breasts they will grow to the desired size, resort to plastic surgeons. So to what time it makes sense to wait and at what point it is safe to say that it will no longer grow?

The role of estrogens

Definitely say, after what age a woman's breast stops growing, it is impossible. One of the main indicators, up to what age will increase a woman's breast, is the state of her hormones. The number of female sex hormones in the body – estrogen - determines the shape and proportions of the female body. If their number is sufficient, the figure of the female body will develop evenly and in a timely manner. Lack of female sex hormones very often affects the breast size – it grows small. Those estrogens are responsible for normal menstrual cycle, which also has implications for the scope of future bust.

When it begins to grow Breasts

In most cases, Breasts in girls begins to grow even before the first menstruation. The final formation is necessary for the next two years, when they establish a regular cycle. So some have the Breasts can grow up to 16 years, and others up to 21 years, all depends on the time of the onset of menstruation. But even women who have reached 21 years of age may continue to grow chest, if the period had birth and feeding baby, after all this time is again observed active, the work of estrogens.

Age, which will have the period of the final formation of the breast depends more on the nationality of women, the place of her residence, physical condition of the body, weight, heredity and nutrition. It is no secret that Oriental beauties formed and Mature faster than their contemporaries living in the North and West.

The normal development of the skeleton and bone tissue provides fast and excellent shaping of the bust. Poor nutrition, deficiency in the diet of proteins, fats, fiber and vitamins will not fail to affect the breast size. To ensure comprehensive development of the organism, food should be healthy and nutritious. And finally, the weight of women is directly linked to the size of the breast after mammary gland consists of 80% fat. Thus, if a woman lose weight, lose weight, and her Breasts, and Vice versa, and age has nothing to do with it.
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