At the initial stage of development the Breasts of a baby girl remains flat and does not differ from the breast of the boy. However, on closer inspection it is possible to see a thin line under the nipple, it as they get older, girls will develop into a functional and full Breasts. In fact, the milk line is the outer end of the milk tubes located underneath inside the body.
Up to puberty the development of the female breast is very slow. First, it represents an undeveloped breast tissue around the nipple. With puberty this tissue is rapidly coming into growth, resulting in bulges and swelling of nipples and areolas. Also at this stage begin to develop the milk ducts, but they remain in atrofirovany status before the first pregnancy.
Because puberty in girls occurs at different ages, the Breasts begin to increase in the period from eight to thirteen years. It is already visible to the naked eye, however, clear contours, size and beautiful shape at this stage has not yet manifested. Later in adolescence, the chest acquires firmness and elasticity, and the areola and nipples become more pronounced, which speaks of gotovnosti girls to sex and pregnancy.
The natural development of the female breast is dependent on hormonal changes occurring in the body at different stages of a woman's life. Also for the chest, definitely need to choose the right bra made of quality fabrics that perfectly match the dimensions of women and is not too constricting or free. Incorrectly selected bra or perelavlivaet the breast and lymphatic ducts, or does not support it adequately, which leads to sagging Breasts.