The easiest way to visually reduce the breast is a bra with the slimming effect. He is sewn from thick fabric, the cups completely cover his chest. Thanks to the fine bones and sewn into the seams, which pass through the centre of the chest, the effect of visual breast reduction. It is also preferable to wear linen dark tones.However, be careful with slimming underwear. If used frequently it can disturb the circulation and cause harm to women's health.
To reduce large Breasts also shown to diet. This is a General diet for weight loss since the chest usually lose weight in the first place. But beware of unpleasant consequences - your big and bouncy Breasts will also SAG and lose shape.
To reduce the breast will help the sport. You fit aerobics, exercises with dumbbells and pushups - they pulled up muscles of the shoulder girdle, which, in turn, will issue a beautiful chest. It is also shown Jogging every day for half an hour.Even if you don't get the desired effect, exercise will help you gain confidence.
Watch your posture. Hunched back gives the impression of a large shapeless Breasts. Straighten your shoulders and take control of your posture throughout the day. Even back should become a habit.
Well, the most radical way to reduce Breasts is plastic surgery. However, think a thousand times before you lie down on the surgical table. Any action is a gross interference in human nature, and nature is no joke.