Advice 1: How to make Breasts smaller

The soul of every woman is a mystery. It would seem that millions of women dream about big and beautiful Breasts, and one particular person wants to make his chest smaller. Well, every lady has their own ideals of beauty. There are several ways to reduce large Breasts.
How to make Breasts smaller
The easiest way to visually reduce the breast is a bra with the slimming effect. He is sewn from thick fabric, the cups completely cover his chest. Thanks to the fine bones and sewn into the seams, which pass through the centre of the chest, the effect of visual breast reduction. It is also preferable to wear linen dark tones.However, be careful with slimming underwear. If used frequently it can disturb the circulation and cause harm to women's health.
To reduce large Breasts also shown to diet. This is a General diet for weight loss since the chest usually lose weight in the first place. But beware of unpleasant consequences - your big and bouncy Breasts will also SAG and lose shape.
To reduce the breast will help the sport. You fit aerobics, exercises with dumbbells and pushups - they pulled up muscles of the shoulder girdle, which, in turn, will issue a beautiful chest. It is also shown Jogging every day for half an hour.Even if you don't get the desired effect, exercise will help you gain confidence.
Watch your posture. Hunched back gives the impression of a large shapeless Breasts. Straighten your shoulders and take control of your posture throughout the day. Even back should become a habit.
Well, the most radical way to reduce Breasts is plastic surgery. However, think a thousand times before you lie down on the surgical table. Any action is a gross interference in human nature, and nature is no joke.
Useful advice
Make sure that nothing is not affected by the planned manipulation. Reducing the chest, you can deprive your figure proportionality, and myself - femininity and sensuality.

Advice 2 : How to hide small Tits

Some women get upset because of small breast size. Sometimes even dare to undergo plastic surgery. However, the breast can be beneficial to apply regardless of its size. Nothing is appreciated so highly, as a natural, and a small bust allows you to wear almost any clothing, even the open. If you want to hide small Breasts, you should be able to dress correctly.
How to hide small Tits
You will need
  • dress in the Empire style;
  • - clothes with V-neck;
  • - tight shirts, shirts, turtlenecks;
  • - bras and push-up balconette.
Choose clothes that has a high neck. Perfectly camouflage a small chest blouse with frills and sweater-turtleneck tight. Wear blouses with v-neck. This chest will give a very sexy look. Enhance the image of long, thin beads that end below the Breasts.
Give preference to clothes with stripes, patterns, decorated with lace, buttons, pockets, and other details at the chest. Women with large BreastsYu can't afford it. By the way, for owners of small Breasts a good choice would be colorful bright things.
Purchase a dress in the Empire style. Such models, having a wide neckline and Empire waist, and able to visually lift and increase breast. The girl in this dress looks very feminine and sexy.
Hide small Breasts, wearing a bra "push-up". He lifted up the chest and visually gives it volume. Very well these bras look under a t-shirt made of cotton, and a strict shirt, a turtleneck or a pullover, with the neckline in the form of the letter V.
If you love a round neckline, then buy a balconette bra. He was very open at the top and fitted with special inserts-pads. This model is perfect for small Breasts and goes well with the neckline.
Small Breasts has its advantages. You can not wear a bra to buy any tight clothes, exercise, without experiencing discomfort. So the pros are not so little.
Useful advice
Do not be ashamed of small Breasts. It is necessary to choose the right clothes to highlight her beauty. Confidence in their own irresistibility is the main thing. Do not neglect physical exercises. For example, pushups will help to strengthen the muscles of the chest, visually lift the chest and give it a beautiful shape.

Advice 3 : How to enlarge breast with bra

The correct bra can visually increase the breast by one size. Not too owners of magnificent forms should give preference to those models that lift the bust and make it more voluminous.
How to enlarge breast with bra

Choosing the right bra

Correctly chosen lingerie can correct the shape of the breast, visually raise it to be bigger. Choosing the right bra is particularly relevant for those women who can not boast of curvaceous, but want to look more feminine and attractive.

Picking up lingerie, you must first navigate to the desired size. For bra are determining the circumference of the torso underneath the breast and the size of the cups. Underwear that will be enough, will create a lot of inconvenience and thus visually reduce the bust, to make it more flat. Too big size bra will support the Breasts in position and will be extremely uncomfortable.

Those who wish to visually make your shape more curvaceous and seductive, it may be advisable to pay attention to underwear, the size of which exactly corresponds to the parameters of women. The Cup can be a little bit more.

Good breast enhancement models of bras that are called Push up. In this linen sewed the bones. Cup bra Push up padded layer of foam. Bone to visually lift the breast and give it the desired shape. Has a huge value as they are sewn. Wrong position of these components will create a very large inconvenience due to the constant friction of the body. Poorly manufactured metal bones can scratch the skin if they are not sewn completely.

The foam is able to visually enlarge Breasts for one size. But bras Push up is another trick. In their cups is additionally inserted small foam or silicone pads. Inside cups manufacturers make special pockets where you insert additional pads.

This technique allows you to visually lift the chest. While support falls on the side parts, so the Push up is considered as in some degree a corrective underwear.

When buying a bra you should pay attention to how close the cups. Their close location allows us to give the Breasts a very seductive form.

The quality of the bra

Choosing lingerie in the store, you need to focus including on its quality. Quality bras can be made of natural or synthetic fibers, but the inner lining fabric should be natural. Synthetic fibers should not be in contact with the skin, as this can cause allergies.

Seams quality of the bra is usually made very carefully. Of them should not hang around the threads. A good bra should not RUB anywhere. Correctly chosen high-quality linens exceptionally comfortable to use.
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