The most common causes

If a woman suddenly discovers that she has swollen nipples is a reason to suspect yourself of pregnancy. Them to swell is one of the main symptoms that comes with the first two weeks after conception. During this period, the chest becomes increased sensitivity, increases in size, and the nipples darken and swell. In addition, in the later stages of pregnancy one can start to stand out colostrum – you shouldn't be afraid the body is rebuilt for the future feeding of the baby.

Puffy nipples if this is inconvenient, you should take a cold shower, easy to wipe the breast with a towel and do the special baths.

Another common reason for swollen nipples in women is the approach of menstruation. Under the influence of hormones swell nipples and their sensitivity is significantly increased and even becomes painful. If the nipples were swollen and menstruation has not come, in due time, but pregnancy there is no need to consult a doctor and qualified to carry out the survey.

Less common causes

Often cause swelling of the right or the left nipple for both women and men can be disease. Swelling of nipples and soreness may indicate the development of gynecomastia – increase breast hypertrophy of adipose tissue. Gynecomastia is often diagnosed in males. Women with complaints of nipple swelling are diagnosed with "hormonal mastopathy." Both diseases are treated by a conservative.

Be sure to visit breast physician, if nipples, in addition to swelling and pain, give the suspicious allocation.

Nipples can swell from wearing poor-quality or coarse apparel (underwear). To get rid of the discomfort, you should change the annoying fabric for a softer and more pleasant. Also the similar problem with nipples occur when the hormonal background, for which you need to do some tests. The cause of the failure in the hormonal background can be side effects of contraceptives, problems with the endocrine system, menstrual disorders, or inflammatory gynecological diseases. And finally – in some cases, nipples may swell in the presence of such serious diseases as tuberculosis.

In most of the above cases, the self faces a range of possible complications, so if you have a swollen nipple, consult a specialist.