With the onset of the age of 18, the volume of the glandular tissue and, consequently, the size of mammary glands increases in size only during pregnancy. In other cases, the Breasts can be increased only by thickening the fat layer. No good it does not, because fat tissue likely leads to the sagging of the breast. Besides, with the breast will usually do well and everything else.
To enlarge Breasts or make the Breasts appear larger, you can start training on special simulators like "butterfly", where you have to settle and raise his hands. There are many special exercises for breast augmentation by means of exercises with dumbbells that you more can tell the instructor at the fitness club.
Exercise strengthens the breast tissue and promote muscle development on his chest, making it convex and high. The same visual effect can be achieved in just one second. To do this, straighten your shoulders and put forward your chest.
Especially for women and girls who don't like their breast size to increase the visual breast invented bras with gel and foam tabs. Gel very natural look and feel no different from real Breasts.
There are many creams that promise to increase the volume of the breast. But it is unlikely they are capable of it. Of course, they have a beneficial effect on metabolism, maintain skin elasticity and normalize blood circulation.
Plastic surgery is the most radical method of solving the problem. To decide on this surgery you need to think a thousand times. In any case, experts recommend to consult a plastic surgeon only after 18 years, when the Breasts are fully formed. The safe procedure for breast augmentation – the implantation of endoprostheses is a special substance in the shell, which is not in contact with the tissues of the breast. Such a prosthesis can always pull out if you want to part with it.