The most mysterious and intimate sphere of human life is sex, and the question of virginity in this plan has no equal. If in the long-studied and a thousand times retold the topic of female virginity are numerous inaccuracies and controversial issues that we can talk about virginity in boys? The theme of innocence of the boys is surrounded by a large amount of guesswork and inaccuracies that are associated with the physical condition of guy, so with a moral. And therefore, to understand what is virginity from guys as they lose, and lose if basically, you need to carefully understand the psychological state of the boys are virgins.

Unlike the virginity of guys from maiden

For girls virginity is her honor. For centuries girls were taught to keep their virginity for the one man. And so the girls have developed this ideology, according to which his honor it may and should give only indifferent and dear to her man. Girls cherish their virginity as something sacred, they are proud of it. Giving yourself to a man, the girl brings a gift of one of the most expensive values – their virginity.

Guys, unlike girls, on the contrary, rather seek to get rid of the title of virgin, and innocent for them is not a value. It does not matter with whom and where will you obtain this first sexual experience is more important that it happened as early as possible.
But that doesn't mean that guys don't lose your virginity, it is not.

Virginity for boys is not marked physically but psychologically they are experiencing lots of emotions. This feature, as virginity, oppresses guys from the beginning of puberty. In the period prior to sexual activity the boys are constantly worried about what are still virgins. So, losing my virginity, the guy removed a psychological burden, which to some extent hampered his life – this is considered the loss of innocence in boys.

Myths and reality

First most common myth it is believed that boys lose their virginity much earlier than girls. In fact, most often the first sexual experience boys takes place between 16 to 19 years. So why is there such a myth? Everything is explained by psychology of boys-virgins. As we all know, boys tend to get rid of innocence, at least in words. Therefore, there is a lot of little 13-year-old ladies ' man, telling about their sexual adventures to their peers, which in turn continue to pass this information to others friends. That is what got this myth.

The second myth is the assertion: if a guy is a virgin, then he is necessarily ugly. This opinion was formed, most likely due to skin rashes and pimples on the faces of the boys in the transition to adulthood. But through this stage are absolutely all the boys and make one of them a virgin, and who has not, just impossible.

The third myth is based on the opinion that guys are just as painful to lose their virginity as girls. This is an absolute lie! Virginity for boys is not marked physically. This fact has been proven by experts in the field.

And finally, the fourth myth of virginity of boys first sexual intercourse the guy lasts a few seconds. In fact, the deprivation of virginity of boys may take several hours. The reason for this is psychological pressure experienced by the guy at the time of first sexual experience. The man in bed needs to play an active role, so installed in their education, so inexperienced virgin will be in constant discomfort and fear to make a bunch of mistakes to their partner. This moral burden can slow down the whole process or even discourage the guy.

Thus, it is clear that boys are also deprived of virginity as the girls, only it happens differently and at the heart of this process is another matter.