Honestly answer the question: do you really want to lose their virginity? Very often girls go for that to "keep up" on friends or to keep a boyfriend. To part with the innocence you can, if you love your boyfriend and want to please him. Do not rush, if you doubt your choice – if a guy loves you, he'll understand and wait.
Make sure that you are ready to deprivation of virginity physically. Legislatively in Russia set the sexual integrity of children up to 16 years. Doctors warn that produced at an early age defloration may cause the development of inflammatory processes in the organs of the reproductive system, as the hymen covers the vagina from infection until not yet formed its protective microflora.
Take care of the protection. Will be very upset if your first sex will lead to unwanted pregnancy or disease. Therefore, it is best to use a condom which will protect from the first and the second. In addition, condoms have a lubricant that will facilitate defloration. If you want to use local or oral contraceptives, it is advisable to have them prescribed by a gynecologist. After the first sexual intercourse also need to visit a doctor and be checked for damage and infections.
Try to relax. The myth that losing your virginity is very painful, widespread. Really severe pain and bleeding are quite rare - with a very thick hymen and some other anatomical features. Discomfort the girl usually arise out of fear, which contributes to the contraction of the muscles of the vagina. If the partner is maximally excited the girl and use the grease, the pain will be minimal.