The first act of intercourse violated the integrity of the hymen. In relation to man it is called deprivation of virginity or defloration. Losing your virginity is a milestone in life: a girl becomes a woman.

Basic rules

Well, if a girl loses her virginity on their own, with a loved and loving husband, or at least a candidate for a husband. But even in this case, the loss of virginity may be accompanied by mild pain and slight bleeding.

If any pain or bleeding was not, the woman should not worry, and the man to blame the darling of lecherous behavior. The hymen have different women vary in shape, thickness and elasticity. If its elasticity is large enough, then at first intercourse breaking the hymen may not happen, it will happen only at the first childbirth. There are even some women who are born without a hymen.

Even if the defilement has occurred relatively painless, it should be remembered that the rupture of the hymen is still a wound, however small. Like any wound, it needs time to heal. To heal a wound must not be touched and must be protected from infection. For this reason, it is better to refrain from the marital bed for 2-3 days after defloration, and then for 1-2 weeks to use condoms. Then you need to go to a gynecologist for preventive examination.

No infections were not, virginity needs to lose in bed, on clean sheets. Sex on the beach and other exotic locations may be nice, but not under defloration.

Possible complications

If bleeding after defloration lasts longer than a week, especially if it is accompanied by a purulent or foul-smelling discharge and increased temperature, you need to contact your gynecologist. These symptoms may mean that the deprivation of virginity was traumatic and was accompanied by infection.

Infection during the first intercourse, not only in genitals, but in the bladder. Urologists call this disease "honeymoon cystitis". Mocheispuskanie becomes more frequent than usual, accompanied by pain in the bladder, pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes urine mixed with blood. Self-medication in such cases is unacceptable, you need to go to the doctor.


Modern medicine can restore the integrity of the hymen after its loss. This operation is called hymen reconstruction procedure.

Practice shows that the repeated deprivation of virginity after the hymenoplasty procedure is more painful and is accompanied by more severe bleeding. The harm of this operation are obvious, but the benefit is highly questionable.

You can sew the hymen, but not the psyche. Hymenoplasty does not relieve from the severe psychological consequences of rape, will not help you to forget about a bad marriage or relationship ended in a breakup. Women who are thinking about surgical restoration of virginity, will bring more benefits to psychotherapy. Surgery in this case is powerless.