Preparation for sex

To decide on first sex, you need to choose the right partner. This man needs to be loved or at least like. He will be remembered forever, his appearance, character will be remembered even after decades. Therefore it is not the first sex to be with a man who may not be acquainted. The person here is the most important, and the presence of feelings would be superfluous.

The first sex is not necessary to specifically prepare a natural process. But it's better if everything is at a convenient time in the right place. Will be required for events at least an hour, but it is better to give it all night. Just need to find a private room where no one is hurt and there is a possibility to stay alone, to no one in a hurry.

Before any sex it is advisable to take a shower. Purity will allow you to be sure that no extraneous odors. Also water treatments may be useful after defloration. You must always remember about the purity of the body to maintain your health in good shape. If virginity loses girl, slight spotting, and no baths do not succeed.

The mood and atmosphere

All went well, you need a special mindset. Try to create an atmosphere that will have to intimacy. Sex starts long before bed: communication, passionate glances, gentle touches make even the anticipation delicious. Arrange a romantic date, stroll through the city, dance together. Create a mood that will have to continue.

Can the room to prepare too. For example, a lit candle will make everything much more comfortable. Use aroma lamp to help with the aromas enhance the attraction. It is important to have the ability to turn off the overhead lights, but leave some lighting. Table lamp, night light or candle will allow you to enjoy the sight of the naked body of the partner.

Deprivation of virginity for girls

First sex for girls - a very tender moment. Everything went without pain, must be strongly excited. The man should take it slow, foreplay should be long. Kissing, fondling should be mandatory. I need to warn partner that you have everything for the first time, then it will be more delicate and tender. It is very important not to strain but to trust the man.

To be decided at first sex is not difficult, it is important not to entrust him with high expectations. Not every sexual contact can be very sensual. Sometimes the first time is not all clear, and need to repeat the process to enjoy the fun became more vivid. Some women experience orgasms immediately, they learn to discover their sexuality with men.