How to determine a girl if she lost her virginity

Before we deal with this question is to find out why he came and why the use of this knowledge. Here we can assume a few different options for which there is such an interest:
- had the first sexual intercourse, in which there was not a strong pain, no bleeding;
- there are concerns that the hymen might have been damaged during Masturbation or use of tampon bigger than needed.

If you have doubts about your own virginity arose due to the lack of blood and pain during the first sexual contact, you should know that the first sex is not in all cases accompanied by a sensation, unpleasant for the girl. Some of the hymen is very elastic, while its total loss occurs only during childbirth, and until she only stretched.

In addition, is also found in congenital absence of the hymen. Or it may be so undeveloped that it is possible to detect exclusively the gynecologist. However, there is another extreme – quite a strong hymen. In this case, rupture is not the first time, but because the girl and the next sexual contact can experience quite painful.

If so, it is advisable to consult the gynecologist for a surgical defloration, as independent attempts to break hymen is able to cause rupture of the perineum.

Often girls are afraid to use tampons, believing that in this way it is possible to damage the hymen. In most cases it is almost impossible, because the hymen has a hole for the exit of menstrual blood. If you apply a tampon of suitable size with virgin hymen, nothing will happen. Even if it is incorrectly sized appropriately, any girl, feel the pain, not to overdo it with the introduction.

During Masturbation can damage the hymen, but only as a result of the use of dildos or other objects to penetrate. When you caress the clitoris it is impossible.

What to do if you define virginity did not work

If you still have any doubts about the existence of virginity, is to consult a doctor. Sure, have it or not, can only gynecologist in the exam room. Able to look at a hymen you will not succeed, even if you are armed with mirrors.

Afraid of going to the doctor is not necessary. If you already live a sexual life, information about the state of your health you need and you can receive it only with the full inspection.