Looks like devstvennaya plevra

Virgin pleura - a fold of mucous membrane that covers the entrance to the vagina, located between the external and internal genitals. It is not only the humans, but some mammals: horses, chimpanzees, whales, elephants.

Scientists have not come to a consensus on the question of the appointment of the pleura. Perhaps in the process of evolution preserved this vestige. Nature does not make something just like that, everything has an explanation. The fact that after the rupture of the pleura the vagina is intensely colonized by bacteria, tested and proven. Therefore, the pleura responsible for the cleanliness of the internal genital organs of the girl.

Virgin pleura externally is a thin strip of mucous membrane with multiple openings through which blood flows during menstruation. It is also a kind of boundary between the internal and the external environment.
In some countries, the girl had to keep virginity before marriage, otherwise she remained single and had endured all sorts of humiliation.

The integrity of the pleura

The integrity of the pleura has long been considered indicative of chastity and purity of girls. First sexual intercourse for virgins can pass painful, because the process defloration - rupture of the pleura. The first time it can not break, as it is very elastic. And sometimes not torn, but simply stretched. The pleura is completely destroyed only after birth. There is the concept of traumatic defloration. It means defloration, resulting from injury or heavy exercise.
Girls can destroy the integrity of the virgin pleura in the process of Masturbation.

First sexual intercourse

First sexual intercourse for virgins is always accompanied by a sense of fear. Therefore, it is important the behavior of the partner. He needs to know that the girl is still a virgin, and act gently to ease the pain. Sensitive and caring partner helps to avoid psychological trauma that happens in girls who have experienced severe pain during defloration. You must select the correct pose for the first sexual intercourse, as well as to calm down and relax. If the first time the pleura is not broken, then repeat the process a couple of days. And with a successful outcome need to refrain from sexual intimacy, to the wound healed.

There are cases when the pleura is absent from birth, or cases of spontaneous recovery of its integrity. Surgically you can break the shell and to restore to its original appearance.