Girls before first sex afraid: won't hurt. But, according to statistics, pain during the first administration feel only 30% of women, and loss of blood, as a rule, is purely symbolic. To deflowering was painless, the penis should enter the vagina dramatically. If bleeding is profuse and lasts more than 2 hours, contact your doctor. In addition, many girls fear becoming pregnant. And it was even a virgin at first sex can be fertilized.
Young people before first sex are afraid that they will do something wrong and get into an awkward situation. Many do not know how to enter penis into woman's vagina and how to make movement. Experiences exaggerated: most of the guys and girls at first sex is not achieve orgasm even do not experience positive feelings. Many boys worried about the size and shape of his penis.
Ideally, the first sex should take place after reaching adulthood and love. As a rule, innocent girl takes much more time to decide on sexual intercourse than the young man. So the guy should not have on the friend pressure. In this scenario experience first time only will be pleasant. Many first sexual intercourse took place with a random partner in a random environment, under steam alcohol. Usually after that comes the disappointment and the girl (and guy) for a long time discourages repeat.
Many couples prepare for first sex before it starts. Stock up on lubricants and contraceptives, carefully choose a place for sexual intercourse. Directly in front of him preparing a light romantic dinner with a glass of wine. Start with foreplay – kissing, fondling, hugging. As a rule, in young men age erectile problems do not arise. There are other problems: not everyone from the first time it turns out to put on a condom, the lovers are ashamed of their nudity, the girls are horrified of the size of the erect penis.
Most first sex is in the missionary position, more rarely – in the knee-elbow position. Typically, the first sex does not last very long: inexperienced young man prematurely ejaculates, and the girl asks to stop, if the process gives her inconvenience or pain. If nothing like that first sex can become quite long. A guy and a girl are introduced to new experiences, adapt to each other, trying different poses and pace of movements.
Usually after the first sex, lovers some time lying together, silent, experiencing new feelings. Or shower together. Often tired after sex the young man falls asleep or goes away after intercourse.