Advice 1: How to behave in first wedding night virgin

The wedding night is pleasant, but exciting. Respect the easy rules will make this a night to remember and will be deprived of any discomfort.
How to behave in first wedding night virgin

The wedding night is not a reason to worry

Try to relax before an exciting event. Left alone with my husband, drink some wine, eat a light snack. Alcohol will help you relax, but do not overuse it, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect. Chocolate and seafood is a natural aphrodisiac that enhances arousal. Get an assortment of chocolates, order your sushi or salad with seafood aphrodisiacs will also help you to relax and loosen up. To create a romantic atmosphere, light some aroma candles, put on soft music, you can take a bath. Ask her husband not to hurry, let him wait for the moment when you're ready. If you're really worried, discuss it with your future husband before the wedding. Tell him your fears, ask your questions. A loving husband will calm and will tell you what you need to do.
Better to spend the wedding night in a romantic setting, for example, in a hotel room where you can bring champagne and appetizers.

Tell the husband comfortable posture

There are several poses in which the defloration occurs most painless. The most popular position is the classic missionary. Here you can relax and give the initiative to the husband. Control his actions, and the deflowering will take place quite easily. For greater relaxation is placed under the buttocks pillow and pull your bent leg toward your chest. Another good pose is suitable for virgin, is "a man behind". Lie with your stomach on the bed, lowering his feet to the floor. Let the husband leans his hands on the bed and enter you standing up. In this position, the hymen is stretched, and the rupture occurs easily. During sex it is better not to experiment, the pose of the rider, sitting and standing is not for you. If during sex there was pain and bleeding, it is better to stop the contact. Blood is, in most cases, but sometimes it may not be. If heavy bleeding occurs, you need to abstain from sex for a few days.
If the bleeding is more than 3 days, you should consult a doctor.

How to behave after sex

After sexual intercourse, you may be tired, or, conversely, feel the excitement. But don't forget to pay attention to her husband. He was worried as much as you do, something will go wrong. Thank him for caring, will give kisses and cuddles. It is possible to take a shower together. Be sure to tell us what you liked in the actions of her husband, and then you can give some critical remarks. Mark, what would you like next time.

Advice 2: How to spend first wedding night

Since ancient times, we honor the traditions of the first wedding night. Even in modern society, marriage night for many just a Convention, since the bride and groom it is not the first. However, this night should be special.
How to spend first wedding night
The wedding night though and has lost its traditional importance, it is a symbol of new life for the couple. This is the first night as married people, and go she needs special. This is the beginning of your new life, night must be the Foundation of your marital relationship.
The wedding ceremony and festivities on this occasion is extremely exhausting both spouses. So by the end of the holiday there is a wish to sleep, as the force for something more simple to do. It is advisable to spend your wedding night in a nice hotel. It is in an unfamiliar environment.
At the hotel or in the hotel book your wedding room. You in a special way, arrange the room. Big and soft bed will be strewn with rose petals, silk bedding will add spice to the night. Make sure that no one even accidentally violate your privacy. Make love in this night is for you to decide. In the morning you first Wake up a married couple.

Advice 3: How is the wedding night

Originally, the wedding night was really the first of their lives. Girl kept her virginity for one man – her husband. In modern society, the first night is simply a beautiful ritual.
How is the wedding night
Decide with the room for the wedding night. This can be a Bridal room in a hotel or your apartment, which you'll be moving in after the wedding. If you have been living together, you can certainly make the wedding night at home but it is unlikely to succeed to create the right atmosphere.
Take care of the decoration of the room. Tie balloons in the shape of hearts, arrange the candles, prepare the rose petals. Don't forget to stock up on snacks. In the process you're hungry, and the remnants of the Banquet, lovingly Packed by parents will be out of place. Buy fruits, berries, chocolate, cheese. Put a bottle of champagne in the fridge.
The wedding night is a beautiful ending of the day of the wedding. It is very important that it was held in a romantic atmosphere of love. Therefore, lighting at the event, be sure to leave the power to continue a holiday tete-a-tete with her husband.
In advance prepare a bed with fresh linen. Well, if it is washed with a conditioner that will give a slight flavor. Unplug the phones and devote time only to each other. Many newlyweds, when they reached the place the first night, start to count the donated money. Do not get involved in this and immediately start to plan the expenses. Calculate the amount and set aside until tomorrow.
Let the newly-made husband will release his beloved from the shackles of corset wedding dresses. Girls should take care to wedding underwear. This can be a corset or a thinner set. Beautiful when linen of the bride is in white color and decorated with lace.
In order to relieve fatigue after an emotional day, you can take bath along with your spouse. Here will be useful stored rose petals, candles and champagne. Turn on beautiful music, put the champagne glasses and fruit on a table next to the bath and relax, sharing his impressions about the wedding.
A pleasant surprise for young wife will become a private dance performed by his wife. It is possible to learn by videos on the Internet, and to work out in advance at home. It does not matter if the movements are not refined. The main thing here is surprise.
The wedding night is a time of affection, tenderness, romance. Imagine that this is your first experience, more kiss and hug, make time for foreplay. Listen to the desires of the partner during sexual acts. And in between feeding each other fruit and chocolates, oocytes glasses and rejoice, because you are now family.
In order not to waste time and not to look in the night capacity for donated flowers, stock up on a couple of plastic buckets.
Useful advice
If you spend the night in the apartment or house, be careful about the Breakfast in the morning. Good toast, scrambled eggs, fruit, remnants of a wedding cake.

Advice 4: What is first wedding night

Before the wedding night was supposed first sexual intercourse newlyweds. In the modern world this expression has a slightly different meaning. However, this does not prevent the newlyweds look forward to their wedding night.
What is first wedding night
With the wedding night, many peoples are sometimes very strange customs. In some African tribes the bride's virginity was considered a disgrace. And the blood that appears when the deprivation of virginity could bring illness to her husband. Therefore, girls were deprived of virginity the special bone with a knife or just your finger. In other tribes the bride in turn took possession of everyone. And only after that "experienced" wife could go to bed with her husband. Fortunately, today, such rituals are preserved only in a few wild tribes.
In most cultures the virginity of the bride was highly valued. In Muslim countries still preserved the tradition that after the wedding night the groom must present evidence of innocence of the bride. On display hang bed sheets with blood stains.
In seemingly civilized Europe, there was a "right of first night". And it is not owned by the bridegroom. The first night the girls were supposed to spend in the beds of the feudal lords. This applies in greater degree to the castle, the bride of the noble families of such "privileges" could be avoided. This barbarous custom lasted in some countries until the eighteenth century. But in Germany, France and Scotland from ancient times have survived another fun tradition. Friends of the bride and groom all the forces prevent the couple to be alone. Noise under the Windows, singing indecent songs, can hide in the bedroom, opened a dozen alarms. Enjoy each other newlyweds possible only after the guests get tired and fall asleep.
In the Russian tradition the wedding night was of great importance. The bride and groom were forbidden to drink intoxicating drinks during the wedding feast. B & b Bridal made in cold non-residential premises. There accompanied the newlyweds pals and matchmakers. The bride had taken his boots to the groom. This custom was not meant to humiliate the young. In one boot the groom was hiding gold and silver coins. If the bride guessed where the money she was entitled to the household budget. In pre-Christian Russia, the virginity of the bride was a phenomenon desirable, but not mandatory.
For modern steam coming from the door of the registry office, the concept of "first night" is very relative. Innocent bride is the exception rather than the rule. Most couples enter into an intimate relationship before the official registration of marriage, and no one is shocked. Some couples even have time to have a child before marriage. However, all this should not detract from the solemnity of the first night in marriage. In contrast, wedding night gives the opportunity for the couple to return to the time when they were discovered the joys of sex with each other. The audit of the gifts could wait until morning to do so, which is your wedding night – love.

Advice 5: What to do on the wedding night

Basically, all brides think of a wedding: the dress, the ceremonial hall, the master of ceremonies and other moments of the day are worked out in detail. But some forget about another important issue – what to do on the wedding night? When husband and wife are alone in a new official status.
What to do on the wedding night
You will need
  • - rose petals;
  • - scented candles;
  • - silk bedding;
  • - beautiful lingerie.
Don't go home make this night unforgettable. Reserve early for a room in a nice hotel, with a large bed and beautiful view from the window. It is best to choose the Bridal Suite. This will help to turn away from problems, to relax and enjoy the wedding night.
If you do not have the ability or desire to spend their wedding night at the hotel, you can go home. But make sure that no one was home, just you and your spouse. To create a romantic atmosphere need to take care of AIDS. Rose petals on the bed around scented candles, dim lights and silk bedding. You can prepare light meals and cream to use during foreplay.
The girl it is advisable to purchase beautiful lingerie, dressing gown to impress her husband. Makeup after a long day can spoil, and the hair stuck to the rice, so you should go to the bathroom and freshen up. Keep the wedding dress yourself, just to do husband.
When you get rid of uncomfortable dress, you can go to the main. No need to hurry, because you have the whole night ahead of us. Turn on the background romantic music to create the right atmosphere. Tune in to the right mood with a joint bubble bath. After it you can give each other a relaxing massage, which fades into foreplay.
If on the wedding night you will close, you should gently clean the defloration. To avoid staining the linen with blood, and put under him a folded in half towel. Don't worry and try to relax, the process was not so painful. There are two postures that will allow you to do this quickly and without unnecessary pain.

First: you lie back, tucked under your buttocks a small pillow, knees bent and tucked up to his chest. In this position, the hymen is stretched and torn quickly, so the pain is short-lived.

For the second pose you need to lie across the bed and put my feet on the floor. Your spouse takes a position between your thighs and enters from this position. The defloration process is quick and you will not feel severe pain.
After that it is recommended to wait to have sex until the wound heals a bit. So to end the marriage night kisses and mutual caresses. If you don't want to go to bed after that, think in advance of what to do on the wedding night then.
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