The wedding night is not a reason to worry

Try to relax before an exciting event. Left alone with my husband, drink some wine, eat a light snack. Alcohol will help you relax, but do not overuse it, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect. Chocolate and seafood is a natural aphrodisiac that enhances arousal. Get an assortment of chocolates, order your sushi or salad with seafood aphrodisiacs will also help you to relax and loosen up. To create a romantic atmosphere, light some aroma candles, put on soft music, you can take a bath. Ask her husband not to hurry, let him wait for the moment when you're ready. If you're really worried, discuss it with your future husband before the wedding. Tell him your fears, ask your questions. A loving husband will calm and will tell you what you need to do.
Better to spend the wedding night in a romantic setting, for example, in a hotel room where you can bring champagne and appetizers.

Tell the husband comfortable posture

There are several poses in which the defloration occurs most painless. The most popular position is the classic missionary. Here you can relax and give the initiative to the husband. Control his actions, and the deflowering will take place quite easily. For greater relaxation is placed under the buttocks pillow and pull your bent leg toward your chest. Another good pose is suitable for virgin, is "a man behind". Lie with your stomach on the bed, lowering his feet to the floor. Let the husband leans his hands on the bed and enter you standing up. In this position, the hymen is stretched, and the rupture occurs easily. During sex it is better not to experiment, the pose of the rider, sitting and standing is not for you. If during sex there was pain and bleeding, it is better to stop the contact. Blood is, in most cases, but sometimes it may not be. If heavy bleeding occurs, you need to abstain from sex for a few days.
If the bleeding is more than 3 days, you should consult a doctor.

How to behave after sex

After sexual intercourse, you may be tired, or, conversely, feel the excitement. But don't forget to pay attention to her husband. He was worried as much as you do, something will go wrong. Thank him for caring, will give kisses and cuddles. It is possible to take a shower together. Be sure to tell us what you liked in the actions of her husband, and then you can give some critical remarks. Mark, what would you like next time.