Advice 1: How to know that the girl is a virgin

There is a certain type of men who would prefer their girl was innocent. However, to determine this in only one observation, is quite difficult, and she the second half may also not rush to speak the truth. However, imagine that in front of you is a virgin can be.
How to know that the girl is a virgin
Pay attention to how the girl behaves in communication. There is a perception that virgin is much more modest. In conversation with a man they often blush, not always immediately find a common language, provide the initiative guys. And not always it is a clear sign: some girls specially behave differently to please his companion.
Try to start a conversation about previous relationship with a girl. Ask if she had men up to you how much time she met, etc. Usually virgin try to avoid such conversations and answer questions vaguely. Sometimes they even write love stories, but if you want them you can find a lot of far-fetched and naive.
Look at how the girl behaves, if you try to touch her, hug or kiss. Inexperienced and innocent girl behaves in such moments it is very awkward, and this suggests that previously she did not admit men to myself too close.
Invite the girl to spend the evening at your or her house (if you've been Dating for a while) and see her reaction. If she is a virgin, it may be scared of this proposal. If she still agreed to try to move on to more intimate caresses – while kissing, touch her Breasts, running his hands over her body, etc. Even if the girl behaved quite normally, she may begin to exhibit noticeable awkwardness and even specifically to stop you. This again may indicate her innocence.
Contact your friends or girls, if you know them well, and ask them about if she had someone to you or not. Usually this information is not hidden, and if you are not a good first impression, girl friends will tell her the truth, to help your relationship.
Invite the girl directly to have sex, if you've been Dating for quite a long time. Tell me that you have feelings for her and want to become even closer. If you like her, and the moment is appropriate, it is unlikely she will say no. However, if the girl was no one she could admit it to herself, since is experiencing a strong emotion in front of such an important moment.

Advice 2: How to find out if the guy has another girl

One of the most terrifying horror every girl is a cheating loved one. What if the seed of doubt is still planted in your soul? The easiest way, of course, to ask. However, not every girl can do such. This often happens when the relationship isn't very strong, and you are afraid to destroy their doubts. So, if you very long together, and I suspect that guy has another girl, then just take a closer look to it.
doubt can destroy any relationship
You will need
  • You will need some patience and a little logic and observation.
First, examine his page in social networks. Likely, your opponent will be there myself to show. Pay special attention the column "marital status". It should be wary if it shows "it's complicated", " girlfriend", "married".
Look at the pictures located on the page and the writings on the wall. If the photographs and the records dominated by only one girl, it is an occasion to reflect.
Pay attention to phone conversations and SMS messages. If, during the telephone conversation, the young man feels awkward in your presence or even throws a challenge then this is one of the signs of the existence of other girls. Also be wary is if the guy's got a long SMS conversation, not dedicating to you in its essence.
Meet his friends. If a young man wants to introduce you to my company, it's a reason to be upset. Either he's not too seriously applies to you, or is afraid to be caught. In addition, another reason for the disorder may be a reluctance to visit with you a popular public places: cafes, clubs or cinemas. Young people may just be afraid that you will see along some of his friends.
If the guy is hiding something, then he will show it in sign language. Remember that a liar afraid to look you in the eyes and also often have sweaty palms. They often react negatively to your questions, or immediately trying to change the subject.
Another reason for doubt can become irregular spontaneous meetings. If time passes and you continue to meet only from time to time or have never planned a vacation together, so the young man is not entirely honest with you.
All situations are different. So remember, not caught - not a thief. If you still suspect your boyfriend cheating, it is better to talk to him about it directly, not to act rashly.
Useful advice
In addition, cheating may be suspected if a young person often doesn't pick up the phone, turns off the phone, periodically disappears and does not get in touch for a few days.

Advice 3: How to say virgin

With first sex is associated with many fears. The fear of pain adds discomfort. Girls fear the reaction of men to the news that she was a virgin. The main thing – to choose the man who will help you to overcome fears and complexes.
How to say virgin

Why girls are afraid to say about your virginity?

Society for centuries has built his virginity in cult. Chastity girl has long been considered its main advantage. The twentieth century brought the sexual revolution that many of the values turned on its head. Girls begin to feel ashamed of your virginity with the onset of a certain age. This "age limit" exists only in their head, because there are no medical criteria for the estimation of optimum age of deprivation of virginity. It is obvious that the age of starting sexual life is a personal choice. Despite this virgin usually suffer from inferiority complex against the more liberated friends.

The main fear that plagued "age" the virgins – the man will think that it is up to him no one was needed. In this case, you can appeal to the examples of recognized beauties. Sexy singer Jessica Simpson got married a virgin at 22. Top model and Victoria Secret angel adriana Lima has kept the innocence to 27 years for her future husband and father their children. Actress Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from Friends, also married a virgin, on the day of the wedding she was 31 years old. Think of your virginity as a virtue, then men will treat it the same way.

Do I need to tell a guy you're a virgin?

The man with whom you decided to lose your virginity, certainly must know that he will have you first. At least in order to behave more gently and carefully. Fear that the man will run away after hearing about her virginity, is unfounded. The vast majority of men, on the contrary, deem it an honor. First sex with a woman, whether a virgin or not, male hardly waiting for sexual experimentation. Only if he didn't see you in any film labeled "adults only".
You need to choose the right moment to tell the guy about your virginity. The first option – to say in advance.

Of course, this should not be the first or second date. If you feel that beside the man with whom you are willing to go farther than the rest of the fans, tell him about it. The conversation can begin with the fact that before you never loved anybody so much that you have not been in a serious relationship, what are you waiting for the one. A man in love will certainly understand everything correctly. It will help create a relaxing setting for the first night of love. Candles, music, dim light. Alcohol is not forbidden. Certainly not in such quantities that the next morning in your memory there's nothing left.

The phrase "As you know, I'm a virgin" can save to the most responsible moment. The chances are that Horny man run away, buttoning his pants and leaving you alone to recline on white sheets, equal to zero. Just don't scare him saying that as an honest man, he will be obliged to marry after a night of love.
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