Libido boys most often begins in adolescence and is more powerful than the female sex. This occurs under the influence of male hormones that are actively produced by the organs of the urogenital system. The younger men begin to "want" peers, consequently with some emotional thrill and excitement are waiting for their first "real" sexual intercourse (often teenagers relieve sexual tension with Masturbation, followed by ejaculation and orgasm, as during sex).
The age at which boys receive the first sexual experience may vary. He is currently in the range of 15-18 years. Among young people are of the opinion that the sooner the guy will be the first sex, the more it will evoke the admiration of his peers. Those who have not slept with a woman, called virgins, which often is estimated as an insulting nickname.
About 12-13 years in the testes of males begins to produce seminal fluid. In this regard, any unprotected sex with a girl can lead to pregnancy. The easiest and most affordable means of contraception in this case is a condom put on the penis before sexual intercourse.
Most often, the inexperience and the excitement of the first sex the guys is fast enough: overexcited male reaches ejaculation before he could deliver ample pleasure both yourself and your partner. Some may experience problems in the form of lack of erection, which again is due to a strong emotion. In the future men treat sex more relaxed and become more experienced in it. According to representatives of the stronger sex, the first sex gave them confidence, caused a sense of pride.
The first sexual act for men is usually painless, unlike women, who can experience discomfort and pain when breaking the hymen. Some men say that he felt discomfort. This is usually caused by the fact that the vagina and the partner does not emit sufficient amounts of lubrication, as she felt a strong arousal and attraction to a man. Also cause unpleasant or insufficiently vivid sensations may be the use of condom and pathological structure of the foreskin of the penis (phimosis).