The people of the tribe Kuanyama living nearby with Namibia, deprived of virginity girls chicken egg. Humane did in Ancient Egypt, where on a certain day, the virgin went to the temple of the great Goddess and saluted to the first comer to the man.

Scandinavian tribes after dark, the man dragged the girl into the woods, and after offering sacrifices (often it was a moose or a boar) the goddess Fria has sexual intercourse with a virgin.

How come in our time?

The debut of the virgin, or when to start

Everyone says goodbye to virginity in different ways: in some, it happens consciously and as close to the description in women's novels, while others – a coincidence that is called "under shofe".

According to research by Czech scientists, a charming girl of their country is one of the top lines of the rating by age of sexual intercourse. At age 15 teenagers are easily open the door into adulthood, holding in one hand a mug of beer and the other a history book.

The Germans parted with her virginity only at the age of 17, but the southern Belle – Italian and Portuguese – discover this side of life only 20 years. But this is only average!

As for women, the peak onset of sexual activity accounted for 16.9 years (the average age of the world is 17.4). In many ways, the age of sexual debut depends on the social status of the girls or girls, education and self-esteem.

When it comes time to resist the temptation, every girl or woman decides for itself. One has only to remember that in some countries imposed a limit on the age of onset of sexual activity.

What is the danger of early communication

Doctors do not recommend sexual intercourse to 18 years. Until that time, the formation of the reproductive system is in the active stage. Early communication inhibits these processes.

Besides young girls, the probability of appearance of micro traumas of the vaginal wall that can lead to the development of diseases such as papillomavirus, erosion and cervical cancer.

We should also mention the fact that children are poorly informed about sexually transmitted diseases and ways of protection against them. Because there is a high risk of infection.

Thus, the most appropriate age to start having sex should be considered eighteen years – a time when the outcome of the processes of rearrangements in the body, and people have become formed social identity.