You will need
  • Romantic setting, the credibility of partner, contraception
Losing your virginity is a very private moment. Of course, you want to make this happen with a loved one, someone who will try to deliver less pain, be sensitive and caring. Man must realize that after sexual intercourse with a virgin girl will open the world of bliss and pleasure, she learns the beauty of intimacy between a man and a woman.
First intercourse it is necessary beforehand to prepare both mentally and physically. You must choose the time, place, to consider all the details. Most suitable quiet, comfortable place where no one is hurt at the wrong time. Due attention should be paid to the psychological condition of the girl. She needs to relax, trust the partner to feel it with your whole body. To achieve harmony and understanding will help you: quiet, calm music, foreplay, scented candles. Dim lights liberate lovers and eliminate shyness. Partner will be easier to enter in a humidified vagina virgin, it is possible to resort to an erotic massage.
A man should be as careful and thoughtful, not to let the girl hurt. The first time, perhaps, sexual intercourse will not come to its logical conclusion, and the partners do not receive proper pleasure. Do not forget that the main thing is to violate the integrity of the hymen. Well, when a man has an idea about the structure of the female genital organs, knows how and where is the hymen, and that it is very elastic. Not always succeed the first time to break.
We must not forget about contraception and personal hygiene. Partners must take a shower. A condom will not allow infection to penetrate into the vagina and will eliminate the likelihood of becoming pregnant after intercourse. You should use the missionary position: she lies on her back, raised his legs to his chest, the man is on top. Under the buttocks is recommended to put a pillow or blanket to slightly raise the pelvis. It is in this position it is easier to enter the vagina, and the whole procedure will be less painful as the hymen in this position, slightly stretched.