As nature intended

Many people, especially romantic ladies, no stranger to doubts concerning the intimate sphere. First and foremost, the issues arise when the need to discover a new side to relationships with the opposite sex. Thoughts about the loss of innocence often afraid, but be afraid not to be. Because so many people have overcome the excitement and had the opportunity to be happy, not allowing fear to restrict your personal life.

For some women the loss of virginity isn't uncomfortable. However, there are reasons that can cause pain during defloration. It can be an emotional panic, not giving the muscles of the vagina relax to the extent necessary; excessive density of the hymen; diseases gynaecological and poor blood clotting.

What to do in each case? All depends on the situation. A small psychological problems is able to solve ordinary conversation with a partner. If they were caused by serious accidents, especially physical violence, to overcome the phobia will help a professional therapist.

Of varying complexity possible under the seal of the vaginal mucosa because of the characteristics of the organism or the brutality of the hymen by age parameters. In this natural process of loss of virginity could be delayed, and also cause pain due to excessive tearing of the hymen and significant blood loss. If we talk about pathological States of organism, diseases of the genital organs, and especially the lack of blood coagulation, first sexual experience should be preceded by treatment with the appropriate drugs.

Radical solution to the problem

Sometimes the loss of virginity takes place in an alternative way - through surgery. This procedure is performed using a scalpel or laser and takes only a few minutes. But do not forget that even minor transactions have an effect on the body and require time to recover normal state of health.

The main indications for the use of such a method defloration are: inability to have intercourse due to the increased density of the hymen or muscle cramps; blood clotting; psychological characteristics that prevent to relax properly. This procedure can be performed on the results of the survey and at the request of the patient.

In nature everything is thought out – the female body can bear and beget a child. It is logical that he is fully capable of withstanding and first sexual intercourse. Some fears are natural in nature, and because they are difficult to avoid. But real feelings and trust between people can destroy even the difficult barriers to get closer to each other.