Causes of constipation in kittens

запор у кошки вазелиновое масло

If the kitten has stopped pooping, it may be a signal for transporting little friend to the veterinary clinic because of gastro-intestinal tract at this age should work fine. The main causes of cat constipation are most often malnutrition or overeating. In addition, important and the animal's diet – if it uses some easily digestible or concentrated dry food, it is advisable to take time off from artificial food.

It should be remembered that kittens have no sense of proportion, so they should have strictly limited servings of food.

Also, the kitten can not go to the bathroom really bad because of hairballs, which he swallows when licking their coats. Adult cats vomit them by eating special grass, but the little kittens for the removal of lumps of wool need to give a paste or pills. In addition, it is desirable to test cat feces for the presence of parasites, and if they are, the doctor will prescribe medicines for their expulsion. Often kittens can swallow small items – tinsel, pieces of polyethylene or the parts of toys. In this case, animal is necessary to do an ultrasound and extract the foreign body from the intestine.

What to do for constipation in kittens

масло вазелиновое инструкция

If the kitten will not be long to defecate accumulated in the large intestine, the feces will begin to produce decomposition products that provide the load on the kidneys, liver and heart. To cope on their own with constipation natural origin is possible, giving the kid laxatives – for example, "Sodium picosulfate" or "Lactusan". It should strictly observe the dosage indicated in the instructions.

Constipation kittens do not give vegetable or castor oil, which will cause severe pain and will additionally burden the liver.

Of natural of available tools you can use mineral oil or condensed milk. Mineral oil well softens the feces and lubricates the intestinal wall – give him three times a day, calculating the dose to the weight of the kitten. To apply such a method can be no longer than five days. Condensed milk should be diluted with boiled water and water the pet with the mixture. When the kitty is empty, you need to restore the microflora of the intestine it with special drugs, which will appoint the veterinarian. Usually the maximum effect from these drugs occurs within two to three months.