Try to find the cause
First you need to take the cat to the vet to rule out any health problems. It should be remembered that worms, constipation and various diseases of the genitourinary system can cause the animal begins to spoil by his tray. Thus, the pet is trying to draw attention to the problem. Besides, in this case, the tray may be associated the cat with painful feelings.
One of the most common reasons for "inappropriate" behavior of a cat are resentment and revenge. Cats are very sensitive and touchy. Often the owners can be difficult to guess what caused such a reaction from their pet. Sometimes the animal is just not enough attention and affection. The cat may not like the tray or place in which it is located. Cats are very fussy and are quite capable to refuse to go to the tray if it is not convenient enough or smell bad. Also your cat may not like the filler.
Как отучить кота метить территорию
Carefully, using household chemicals, wash the whole house. Use special tools to eliminate the smell. Clear time for all carpets. In the "marked" cat place place the bowl of his food. Cats are very clean animals and will never become shit where is the food. If such places are too much, you can stick a few pellets of cat food on cardboard and put those cardboard boxes in the marked places.
мтс отключить мелодия вместо звонка
Make sure that the tray fits cat by size and is in an accessible and convenient location.
дерет тюль что делать
Experiment with fillings - try to buy a filler of a different kind. Try to change the contents of the tray as often as possible. Every time put in the tray a piece of paper, urine-soaked animal.
как сделать царапку для кошки своими руками
Provide the cat the opportunity to climb on cabinets and other furniture - it will strengthen his sense of security.
как отучить кошку царапать обои
Take a soft cloth and RUB her cat, especially focusing on the neck. Wipe this cloth vertical surface in the house. The smell of their pheromones will calm the cat and reduce his desire to mark territory.
Never strike an animal. Blame the cat for "bad behavior" only if you caught him "at the scene". Try to give the cat more time, often pet it and talk to him.