Start treatment pet with treatment at the vet. It is necessary to pass tests, and specialist to competently prescribe treatment. A self-administered treatment without referral to a specialist is dangerous because without analysis it is impossible to determine the cause of the disease, and to treat you will be the only the symptoms and the disease will progress. But if you have no possibility in the near future to go to the vet, you can try to treat the cat yourself, by following this guide.
Stop feeding your pet for a few hours (6 to 10 kitten, or from 10 to 24 adult), make sure that the kitten was poured fresh water is required if the animal will not drink, it is likely to happen dehydration, and then the pet is doomed.
If the kitten is not drinking, take a syringe without a needle, fill it with water, you can also use the decoction of pomegranate peel, an extract of St. John's wort or chamomile, a three-day kefir (a yogurt a day weak, but for two to three days can be used as a fixing agent) and holding the animal by the chin, gently, slowly pour the solution (mixture) through the teeth. Can also help the solution of manganese in the water, the color of the solution should be pale pink (a strong solution will only damage the gastric mucosa) and a fresh solution of potassium permanganate, standing more than an hour, useless.
If the cat refuses to drink, give him activated charcoal, previously dissolved in a small amount of water (up to liquid, but not clear, with the rate of 1 tablet per adult, or half for a kitten). Activated charcoal pulls toxins and helps in case of poisoning.
Also try to hotpot pet "Smektoj" or "Enterosgel", be sure to read the instructions to the use of drugs. These drugs can be bought in a regular pharmacy.
Try to feed boiled minced breast of chicken or Turkey, with boiled rice, chicken breast is easy enough to grasp, and soft rice will play the role of fastening means.
Try to give potato starch. Starch roll a small ball that the pet is able to swallow. Open the kitten's mouth, put the ball on the tongue, close the cat's mouth and held a bit until you swallow.