You will need
  • -enema;
  • -slightly warm medicinal solution;
  • -vegetable oil.
In veterinary practice there are several types of enemas. Enema is the introduction into the colon of the liquid to force a bowel movement, the medicated enema is applied if necessary, administration of small doses of medicine, and a nutrient enema is put if necessary, supply the body through the rectum.
как сделать собаке клизму
Most often, the cats put a cleansing enema for constipation and intoxication. First of all you need to cook a weak decoction of chamomile or calendula. For this brew teaspoon of raw materials Cup of water and allow to steep for 15 minutes. If at hand is no medicinal plants, an enema can be done and regular boiled water. Remember that water enema should be slightly warm.
как собаке поставить клизму
Take the syringe, put it in an enamel pot with water and boil. After this, enter the solution into the enema, and her nose brush with vegetable oil.
у собаки запор от костей
Put the cat in a tub or in a basin, while softly talking to her. It is desirable that you have someone to help, as the procedure is not pleasant, and the animal will escape.
Что делать, если у кошки пироплазмоз
Then carefully insert the nozzle of the enema into the anus and slowly squeeze the liquid. Be sure to praise the animal and release to ensure that it could empty the intestines.
как научить собаку делать стойку для выставки
If you put the cat medicinal or nutritious enema, after the introduction of the solution to be to squeeze the tail of the pet to the anus and keep the cat in her arms for 10-15 minutes to ensure that the contents of the enema is absorbed into the intestines.