So, before to wean a cat to pee in the wrong place, you must investigate the cause of such unpleasant behavior of the animal. Perhaps the cat does not like or does not fit the size of the tray, as it needs to be longer than the pet in half. It must be free to turn. Another reason may be an unpleasant pungent smell of chemicals, which are used by many owners for cleaning the tray. It should be remembered in this case that the smell of a cat is stronger than a human in the 14-15 times.
когти кошки впились в руку
Often the filler for the tray does not satisfy the requirements of the animal. It should not be wet and have a strong smell. Some chemicals that are used to make a filler that can cause irritation to the paws. In this case, try to change the contents of the tray to more natural remedies such as sand or paper.
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Remember that in any case do not scold the cat, spray her with water and even more so to beat. All what you will achieve in this situation – will increase the anxiety of the animal and the number of crimes in the form of puddles. Put the cat on a week in a small room, it may be the bathroom. Put it in a tray, a bowl of water and leave the animals favorite toys. The bowl of food leave in the same place and get pet several times a day for meals. A week later, gradually let into other rooms until she adapts to the change.
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There is one effective way that will help to correct the situation. Put on the place where the cat does a puddle, her bowl of food. So you an animal will understand that this place is not fit for the toilet and for meals. Since cats are clean animals, they crap in the place where they eat.
Как отучить кота метить территорию
And, of course, the cat will never go in a dirty tray, so try to time to clean up after the animals. Often, cats begin to pee in wrong places because of jealousy. With the advent of a child the owners have not paid the attention the beast that was before. In this case, only you can decide – to raise awareness of the pet or give it to some relatives.
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