If possible, take the animal outside the city, where it can breathe fresh air and less will suffer from the heat. In a city apartment often open the Windows for ventilation or supply air.

To get your cat feel better during a heat wave, slightly moisten with water the pads of the feet and outer side of the ears, stroke it with wet hands to wet wool, it will increase the heat transfer. Long-haired cats can be a little cut.

If you feed a cat meat or dairy products, ensure food hygiene.

Be sure to check the availability of clean cool water.

Do not leave your pet in a closed car under the hot sun, in cats, like humans, can get heat stroke, which can be defined by the following features:

  • the cat became lethargic;
  • moving slowly, drinks little;
  • the animal had shortness of breath;
  • coordination of movements is broken.

If the cat will not help, she may lose consciousness. If you have noticed your pet signs of heat stroke, take her to a cool place, put on his head a cloth dipped in cold water. You can wrap the whole body damp cool cloth. Don't allow your pet to drink, it can cause a volvulus.

In the case of heat stroke the cat, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian.