If the kitten is not familiar with solid food, teach him to drink milk. It is better to warm up to room temperature and pour into a saucer. Put the baby next to a saucer, dip your finger in the milk and slide it over the muzzle of the animal. Kitty lick and feel a familiar taste.
как научить кормить котят
Will put baby closer to the bowl. He might try to lap by yourself. If this happens, carefully dip the face of a kitten in milk. Be careful it does not hit in the nose. First experiments will be not too successful - the animal can back away, otharkiwate and clawing. Be persistent, but don't be angry with pet. Gently push it to the bowl, soon the cat will understand what you want from him.
как научить шотланского котенка кушать
Kitten at the age of 1 month time to feed a more dense food. The best option to start feeding - canned meat for kittens. Usually animals are attracted to their smell. Put a little paste on your finger and put it to the mouth of the animal, encouraging him lick the treat. If this is successful, Pat pet and give him a little more canned food. Very soon the kitten will eat on their own.
как правильно заполнить лоток наполнителем
If animal prefer liquid food and not eating food for kittens, offer him baby biscuits - they have a light consistency. Began to eat meat food, the kitten will soon be able to switch to cat food, and later, on dry pellets. Don't let the animal purchase meat, sausage and other foods with lots of fat and salt. Delicate stomach of the animal can respond to disorder.
кот хезает ни в лоток чем обработать нагащенное место
Another important point - the problem with the toilet. Pick up the kitten a small tray with low sides - the baby should be easy to get into it. The filler will suit pressed sawdust or silica gel. Do not use clumping litter - the baby can lick it off, and it is fraught with problems with the stomach.
как научить котёнка ходить в туалет
Put the tray in a secluded place. Once the pet wakes up, put him in the tray, and, stroking, hold it there. If the kid goes to the toilet, praise him. Repeat the procedure after each meal is a healthy kitten visits the tray several times a day.
In the early days watch out for the baby. Usually the kitten understands what you want from it, and begins to walk to the bathroom in the allotted space. If not, make sure that the access tray is not blocked. As an additional stimulator can be used teaches spray from time to time sprinkle them with kitty litter. Promptly remove from the pot pet waste and clean the tray at least once a week.