Cats - very proud, proud and capricious, so their schooling to a toiletwill require a lot of patience. In this matter not to hurry. Gradual, calm, patience and you will get the desired result. Time for this will take about a month, no less, make sure to bring it to the end, don't stop.For starters the cat should be accustomed to his tray and leave surprises in the wrong places. If the tray was previously in another location, place it near the toiletand check the cat for a few days. As soon as baleen consistently began to use the toilet in a new place, go on to the further stage.
There are cats,, they are taught almost simultaneously. The owner puts the animal on the toilet and makes it, burying the foot traffic and all, the cat knows what he should do. These animals are one in a million, so we start to work with conventional catmi. Daily under the cat's litter box puts the magazine or stack of Newspapers. Importantly, the pan was very stable. Gradually increases it to the level of the seat of the toilet. When a cat is surely going to jump on the raised tray and walk in it, you need to go to the fixtures.
At this stage the options. If your pan with vytaskivanija grille, install the stable on the seat of the toilet. Can be fastened by adhesive tape or something else, as long as it doesn't fall when the cat come through. This option is the right one, remains the smell of home and the training is easier.Some people use plastic colanders or finished system to accustom the cats with bars on suckers. In any case, the point here one grille should gradually expand from the small hole to the circumference of the seat. Enlarge the hole gradually, a bit every day, about two weeks. While looking at the cat, does he have time for your manipulation or not. After the remaining rim of the fixtures can be removed, cats are perfectly stick to the porcelain.