Why you need a filler

как приучить кролика к лотку

The cat litter serves several functions:
- absorbs moisture (dampness in the tray can cause the cat will cease to use it);
- absorb bad smell;
- allows animals to exercise their natural desire to "bury" the excrement;
- makes it easier to care for a cat, making the cleaning of the tray is less frequent.

If the cat does not tend to "hide" traces his life, you can do completely without filler, setting a tray with a grid: all the moisture will drain to the bottom. But in this case it is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the tray, try to rinse it after each use and thoroughly washed at least once a day – otherwise, the stench can not be avoided. If such careful control of the tray is impossible, you will have to resort to one of the "popular" options of fillers.


как приучить кролика к туалету

The sand absorbs enough moisture. With the smell he's doing somewhat worse: it weakens, but does not absorb completely. Therefore, if you use sand as filler, will have to accept the fact that the toilet is almost always smelt of cat urine. In addition, the grains are very light – so when the animal is to bury the traces of their life, the floor next to the tray will be covered with sand. However, this trouble can be avoided by using high trays with sides. Replacement litter box is changed every 2-4 days.


как кисуприучить ходить в туалет

Torn to pieces of the newspaper – the old "popular" way of settling the cat's litter tray, very popular, but at the same time, quite troublesome. To the cat it was convenient to use the tray, tear the paper should be a fairly finely, and soak it very quickly. To change the paper in the tray have every day, at least – through the day, and the smell she is not fairing very well.
You can purchase the tray with the lattice – then the moisture will drain down and the newspaper will get wet more slowly. To avoid odour, to empty this tray it is necessary several times a day.


сколько после еды можно дать котёнку вазелиновое масло

Sawdust – a good alternative to the factory fillers. They are easy to dig, they are good at keeping and moisture and the smell – the smell of this tray begins only when all the sawdust becomes wet. Therefore, sawdust is one of the best types of "people" fillers. If you use a pan with high sides and pour the sawdust layer of about 8-10 inches, you can do the cleaning of the litter every 5-7 days. However, they have some disadvantages: sawdust "dust", in addition, tiny particles of wood "stick" to the cat's paws and spread throughout the apartment.
On top of the sawdust, you can put a thin layer of pieces of Newspapers – then the dirt on the floor will be less. To change the soaked paper should be daily.

Fuel granules (pellets)

как научить котенка ходитьв туалет

Wood pellets are intended for solid fuel boilers are pressed into pellets and waste wood and are virtually indistinguishable from wood-based cat litter. When wet they will crumble into small chips, and no less effective to absorb moisture and odor. Pellets are poured into a tray in a thin layer, as they increase in volume in 4-5 times. If you use pellets, do the cleaning in the tray can be once in 7-10 days.