You will need
  • tray;
  • - kitty litter.
The tray will definitely buy simultaneously with the acquisition of a kitten. Put in a suitable place so that the kitten could always get to the pan without any problems. Do not forget to put the filler. Introduce your furry friend with a pan: put to it, let it sniff, get used to it. Show the kitten how to dig a foot, and then sit down. It is possible that the instinct will prevail immediately. And the baby recognizes the tray for the toilet.
приручить котенка к туалету
Watch the kitten in the first hours of its appearance you have at home. If he starts restlessly turn flat, its corners, pick him up and take to a litter box. Pat, calm down and kindly inform that it is now his personal toilet.
как приучить котенка к ванне
If the kitten did not work the first attempts to use the tray on purpose, have patience and continue to follow the caudate by pet. Be sure to plant it in a tray after he eats and after a NAP. Do this a few times: the kitten develop into a conditioned reflex, he'll know where to run after a hearty lunch.
как котенка приучить к рукам
Kitty still chose for their dealings secluded area and not the tray? Do not scold him and do not poke into the scene face. Take a shovel, move with it cat's "creation" in the tray. And there also send the big-eared owner of "creations". If in the wrong place puddle, Narva paper, wet the pieces and put them in the filler. The tray should start to associate the kitten with toilet, and must smell accordingly. A properly selected place a good wash, spray a pungent eau de Cologne, ammonia, turpentine. Then kitty'll never look.
приучить кота к лотку
Be sure to praise your furry friend if he went to the litter box, gently Pat. Mistakes will still happen, so please continue insistently to remind the kitten on the tray. And a few days will come the victory: he will remember your toilet.
котенок не ходит в горшок