You will need
  • - mineral oil;
  • - condensed milk;
  • - enema
The most simple, effective and safe way to combat constipation from little kittens is the use of paraffin oil. It coats the intestinal wall of the animal and, thus, does not absorbed and has no negative impact on the body. If you notice that the baby has not emptied the bowel within two days, you need to give him 2-3 drops of paraffin oil. Usually a few hours then the bowel returns to normal. Do not feed the cat before the departure of feces.

You should know that to use castor oil or vegetable oil as enveloping a laxative is not recommended. These types of oils can be painful in the abdomen of the baby and even lead to liver disease.
липидоз почек у кошек как лечить
Another way to fight constipation is the enema. However, be aware that to carry out this procedure yourself if you have no relevant experience, is not recommended. This is especially true of young kittens. Clumsily put, the enema will not only bring relief to the animal but can cause serious harm to his health, damaging the intestines.
лечение кошки от застоя мочи
For the treatment of constipation in kittens older you can use a mixture of condensed milk with raw water. As a rule, this drink causes a softening of the stool and leads to normalization of stool within a few hours.
Как лечить запор у кота
You should know that constipation lasting more than seven days, can lead to the death of a kitten. So if you are unable to cope with the problem within 2-4 days, you need to take the baby to the vet. Remember that constipation can be not only a consequence of malnutrition or change the feed, but a symptom of a serious disease. For example, renal failure.

Strictly forbidden to appoint laxatives or antibiotics - this can lead to a sharp deterioration of the animal.

Run a full examination of kitten and clearly follow the appointment of veterinary surgeon.
пищевое отравление у кота лечение